Treating pets through positive training and a detailed, holistic approach.

National Pet BloggerPets and their families are my passion. I have spent my lifetime with both dogs and cats, and turned that passion into a flourishing career. I was even honored with the title of one of the top ten dog trainers in the United States by TopTeny! Over my almost twenty year career, I have been able to offer my pet clients a variety of services, and finally decided to merge everything under one brand: Raising Your Pets Naturally.

Raising Your Pets Naturally embraces all of my loves: dog behavior, dog training, cat behavior, dog and cat nutrition, pet care, pet product reviews, traveling with dogs, pet and human health, and of course, lots of fun and useful information. I provide pet parents and pet professionals an array of services including: dog training (in person or via phone/Skype), cat behavioral training, pet and human articles and videos, product reviews, freelance writing services, speaking services and even pet-friendly travel reviews.

Local Cat BehavioristI hope you join me on my journey in leading a natural lifestyle with our canine and feline friends. I am committed to learning all I can about embracing a healthier way of living through whole foods, proper nutrition, physical and mental exercise, positive training, and family fun for our animals and ourselves.

Thank, you for stopping by.  Tonya, Dexter, and Nutter

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P.S. Excuse the mess while I merge all my pet blogs (from 2006) to Raising Your Pets Naturally.  You may find outdated links and some formatting issues.