Pet Nutrition Consultations

Canine NutritionistsDo you need a little, or maybe a lot of help deciding how to feed your dog or cat a healthy diet?  A diet that will enhance his life, not increase his chances of cancer, skin conditions or allergies? Trying to find a healthy and natural way to feed  your dog or cat can sometimes be overwhelming. You know that a dry, processed pet food is not healthy, but are unsure how to start and what to look for in a commercially prepared or home prepared pet diet  you may have found online? Are you looking for some help in finding a healthy, dog or cat food that you can trust? Food affects a pet’s overall health, behavior, and well-being, getting it right is important.  I’m here to help via phone or email.

Getting Started with Healthy Pet Food: Before we even begin discussing your pet’s food recommendation, you will complete a history form pertaining  to your pet’s behavior, medical and current food and feeding regimen. Then, we can discuss  your pet’s personal food needs.

During our canine or feline nutritional session, we will talk about the best food for your pet and what you are able and willing to do. I realize not everyone feels comfortable with a raw pet food diet, or not everyone will cook for their pets.  This does not mean, that you cannot feed your pet a healthy food.  I will help you through the process and help you find a healthy solution tailored to your pet’s needs.

Contact me today to get started.

***Medical advice will not be provided. Please contact your pet’s veterinarian for any medical questions.