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Finding a dog-friendly hotel can sometimes be a challenge. Believe me, I know. I also understand why so many hotels have a no dog or no pet policy. What!? Why would a dog-crazy mom say that? Because some dog guardians are just plain rude and inconsiderate. When dog owners travel with their dogs, they have an obligation to be a very polite and unobtrusive guest. This goes for Fido too. Here are my top tips for good doggy hotel etiquette.

  1. Clean Dog: Before you pack your dog on his dog vacation, make sure he is clean and well-groomed. Dogs do not have to have a doggy smell; if he does, he is overdue for a dog bath. A clean and brushed dog not only will leave less fur behind, but he will also look nice and attractive to other hotel patrons. Learn how to give your dog a bath.
  2. Flea-Free: We’ve heard about hotel bed bugs, what about dog fleas? Yuck. But, as you probably already know, I’m an advocate for safe and natural flea treatments and solutions. You, too, can have a healthy, flea-free dog by following these steps.
  3. Polite Leash Manners: It’s wonderful when you find a dog-friendly hotel, but that certainly doesn’t mean everyone wants to say hello to your dog. Don’t take offense; not everyone is a dog person, or feels comfortable with strange dogs. Keep your dog on a leash at all times when in a public location, and do not allow your dog to sniff a person or another dog without asking permission first. Keep your dog at least 5′ away from other people and dogs. Need help to teach your dog leash manners? Read more here.
  4. Pick Up After Your Dog: Got poop? If so, pick up. This means you are responsible for having at least 3 poop bags on you at all times. You never know if your dog is going to get a little stressed walking down the hall, so better safe than sorry. When you leave your house with your dog, poop bags should always be in your pocket.
  5. Dog Blanket: If your dog will be on the hotel bed, you should cover the bed with your own blanket. This will help keep the hotel room hair-free after your departure.
  6. Dog Towels: Cleanliness is key if you want to be a good dog guest. If you travel with a variety of absorbent dog towels, you will be saving the hotel cleaning crew work.
  7. No Barking: People take vacations to get away from it all, and relax and have a good time. It is not enjoyable if hotel guests have to listen to your dog barking all day and night. Learn how to teach your dog not to bark.
  8. Clean Your Room: I know, you’re not ten, but leaving your hotel room neat and tidy is going to make a nice impression. Dog people really can be enjoyable hotel guests!
Have you ever experienced a less than welcoming hotel experience because of your dog?  How did you handle it?


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