Pet Contests and Giveaways: Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundles

Pet Contests and Giveaways: Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundles Giveaway

Visit Raising Your Pets Naturally for a chance to win Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundle.
Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundles Giveaway


To enter: Tell me why you want a Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundle for your dog in the comments below. After you comment, click the Rafflecopter entry below that you left a blog post.  For extra entries, tweet and follow. Contest ends 12/9/2016 9pm EST

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundles  Bathing the way nature intended! Cleanse your pup with Pura’s USDA Certified Organic shampoos and dry them off with our unique, USA made, drying gloves made with a natural moisture absorbent to pamper your pet!  Can’t wait? Order today!

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You can do the tweet option DAILY for more entries. ?

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored contest. However, I only search out the best products and brands. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted.

Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

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Visit Raising Your Pets Naturally for a chance to win Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundle.

70 thoughts on “Pet Contests and Giveaways: Pura Naturals Pet Organic Bath Bundles

  1. I have a pomeranian/chihuahua mix that likes to roll in mud and stinky things almost daily, which means she needs to be sprayed off and washed pretty often.

  2. I would love to try these products. I just recently found this company and tried your ear cleansing system and I love how well it works.

  3. Everyone needs these organic products. Not only are they safe for all dogs no matter their age or sensitive skin issues they are also safe for the environment. It is a win win and I would like to win. 😉 For my pups of course. Thank you!

  4. I try to make sure all my pet products are organic to keep my pets happy and healthy! I would love to win this for them!

  5. This is a great bundle! We have a terrier that goes to the groomer, but we also give him baths in between his grooming sessions. This would be perfect for us.

  6. Miss Edie gets frequent baths to help relieve the itching from her seasonal allergies and I’m always on the lookout for products that can help. Thank you.

  7. i clicked on the link and it said it was broken. so i would love some Pur products for my 3 gals. i really need the paw rescue for my middle child, her little paws get cracked and start hurting her. my girls hate baths, so i would like this to keep them from smelling. i prefer to use all natural products on my girls, we go to a homeopathic vet as well. i have lots of homeopathic products in my house for my 3 gals.

    1. Hi, Sandy. I just double checked all the links, they all seem to be working. I also see your entries… good luck! 🙂

  8. I’m always in search of natural products for the dogs. Piper, especially has sensitive skin so I look for the cleanest products I can find. Also, LOVE the idea of “drying gloves”!

  9. My girl Bella is 13 years old and she lights up my world like no other. When I leave the house my baby misses me the whole time and will not settle down until we “give kisses” to each other. Lol She deserves to be pampered! Thank you for the chance.

  10. I want to win this bath bundle for my girl because she gets a bath once a week and these products would really help her skin and hair to look beautiful and healthy.

    1. Thanks, Amy. I’ll have to tell Dexter The Dog that another doggie out there gets, even more, baths than him!

  11. We live near a lake and my 2 dogs love to go to the shore and find dead fish to roll in. It is so gross and disgusting but they seem to love it. Needless to say they get baths quite often but I don’t want them to start getting dry skin or any other problems from so many baths.

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