What’s Inside? Reading Labels

Understanding pet product and product labels and ingredients.

What’s Inside? Reading Labels

Understanding Pet Labels
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You Won’t Tell Me What’s Inside?

By now you probably realize that the health of my pets is one of my top priorities in life. I try to take care of myself too, but my pets are a must. My pets are counting on ME to make sure I use safe, natural, and healthy pet products. Whether these pet products come in the form of dog or cat treats, pet supplements, non-toxic pet grooming supplies, or natural pet cleaners, it’s all the same for me. I want to ensure that what is inside, every darn ingredient, is as safe as possible for my pet. Which brings me to today’s pet rant. Maybe this will be an ongoing series, but honestly, I would rather it not.

I’ve been seeing some advertisements for a natural odor-removing pet product line. Their advertisements state that they don’t use harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes, toxic ingredients – you get the idea. But nowhere could I find an ingredient list. All I’m asking for is a list of ingredients.

I contacted the company to inquire about what was actually inside. They responded quickly, but only repeated their advertising claims. “Our products do not have synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals, do not contain alcohol, and are 100% Phthalate free. Just natural goodness. The blend of plant oils is proprietary but does include extracts of lime, pine needle, aniseed, clove, and cedarwood. ”

Now, these sound like great things! And this might actually be a product I would like and feel safe using and recommending. BUT, what else is in there? Just because a product doesn’t contain one thing like Phthalate, doesn’t mean there aren’t other ingredients in there I won’t use. I mean, that’s just one nasty ingredient out of hundreds, maybe thousands, that I would avoid.

The sad thing is I will never know. If they loved ALL their ingredients, it seems they would show them all on their website, or at least provide the complete list when someone inquired about them. But we will never know. Any company that refuses to tell me what’s inside can’t possibly get my hard earned money, and most certainly won’t be a product I use for my pets. After all, my pets depend on me to ensure I am providing them with the safest lifestyle I possibly can. I challenge any company that makes a product, whether it’s a pet product or personal product, or even a restaurant, to label all your ingredients. If you are hesitant about an ingredient you are using, maybe you should reconsider that ingredient. But we as consumers deserve the chance to choose what we consume.

I encourage you to go check all your labels.  Did you find anything questionable?  Tell me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Inside? Reading Labels

  1. With those essential oil based products, I think they may leave off the ingredient list because they feel it would be too easy to replicate their recipe. However, it’s so much easier to just buy the product, rather than try to concoct your own and get the amounts right – I think they should disclose all ingredients with more faith that their recipe is safe, especially because even safe ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

    1. There is obviously some kind of carrier for the product, and that would be my concern. But, I’ll never know.

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