Chicago Trip-Seeing Lambeau

Oh boy, oh boy!  Mom & I just got home from our trip to Chicago!  We went with our friends Lisa & her

My friend Penny

pooch Penny.  Penny is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel just like me!  In fact, everyone who saw us out & about thought we were siblings.  I had so many adventures in Chicago, that I will have to write more than one blog post.  So, here goes my dog blog for our first day!

We drove across to Chicago on Saturday, straight to Narnia Pet & Behavior to visit my brother Lambeau & his Mom Joy.  Mom had her GoPro camera in toe, so she shot some dog video (she still has a lot of learning to do).

It was so much fun!  Joy set up a Cavalier Playdate with other CKCS so we just were surrounded by Cavs & their parents.  It was so neat to see my brother Lambeau again.  He’s the little Ruby with the Packers dog belly band!  Yes, that is one from my line, Dexter’s Jackets.

So tired

After our playdate we went back to our hotel (Clubhouse Inn & Suites, Westmont) and crashed!  I was so exhausted and it was only the first day of our big Chicago Dog Adventure!

My visit with Lambeau
Pt 2 visit with Lambeau