Classes For 2010

Classes For 2010-Here at Toledo Dog Training, we take pride in bringing you fun & innovative classes. This philosophy can be seen in our class choices. We have added such classes as therapy dog, agility foundation, targeting classes, rally,polite greeting, really reliable recalls, and much much more! You will just have to take a peek at our class agenda to find out more, but here is a peek of the upcoming classes!

Remember-Quality Instruction + Small Class Size = Classes Fill Quickly!!
Puppy Classes: Off-Leash Play, Puppy Management, Proper Socialization, Leadership Skills, Potty Training, Puppy Care, Crate Training, Manners, Mouthing, Jumping, Relationship Building, Confidence Building, Motivation, Preventing Separation Anxiety, Reading & understanding your puppy’s body language.

Beginner Dog Training: A starter class for dogs & their families or for puppies that are still learning & proofing their basics. This class is for dogs that have not had a previous dog training class, needs a fresh start, needs to improve their skills around distractions or is coming from puppy class.

Level Assessment: If you & your dog have attended classes elsewhere, you must first sign up for a Level Assessment to find out which class you are eligible to attend. Or, you may enroll in one of the Beginner dog training classes.

Intermediate Dog Training-Learn how to advance & work around distractions with your dog.

Tricks Class-Learn how to teach your dog a variety of tricks & games using the clicker. This class is a prerequisite for our Agility Foundation class.
Tue 7:30pm 1-19, 1-26, 2-2, 2-9,2-16, 2-23-Holland

Therapy Dog Class-Our unique Therapy Dog Skills Training course prepares both the dog & owner/handler to take the PetPartner evaluation through Delta Society!

Rally-Obedience-Rally obedience is a dog sport based on obedience. Unlike traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs during the course.
Rally 1

Agility Foundation-Build your dogs confidence and your bond by teaching them the correct way to run agility, navigate the obstacles safely and fast, all in a positive way.

Can I take more than one class at a time? Absolutely! This is a question I am often asked from students who want to enroll in more than one intermediate class. As long as you & your dog meet the prerequisites for the class, you can join both! For example, if in January you would like to take the Intermediate Dog Training and Tricks Class go for it!

****Taking more than one class in the same night depends on both you & your dog’s energy level. If at the end of one class your dog seems wiped out, then taking more than one class a night would not be a good choice. If however, you and your dog are still ready to go, by all means, take two. 🙂

Private Behavioral Training-If you are experiencing behavioral problems (excessive barking, separation anxiety,leadership struggles etc.) with your dog, behavior modification is required. This can be accomplished with private behavioral training.

Private lessons fill very quickly (filling for January already!), so don’t delay, contact Toledo Dog Training now to get started!

Getting Started with Private Dog Training-How It Works
Dog Training Consultation & Lessons
Puppy Head Start(under 6 months)
New Dog Head Start (with owner less than 3 months)

Dog & Puppy Socialization-Just because winter is here, does not mean you should be spending less quality time with your dog! This is a perfect time to sign up for Toledo Dog Training’s Puppy & Dog Walking Group! It’s a wonderful opportunity for puppies under a year old to play and romp with other puppies indoors. You will also have to opportunity to meet other dog owners at local parks for dog walks. Weekend puppy dates will be added in 2010! To join, please visit

Past Events: On November 14th we had a great turn out for our Fall Event! Everything just fell into place with great weather, a fantastic turn out & lots of fun for the entire family! Thank you all that had the opportunity to join us. We will try to schedule 3-4 events through out the year.

PREPARING FOR YOUR NEW DOG-You are embarking on a wonderful new adventure for both you and your canine friend. Preparing for your new dog’s arrival before bringing him home is preferred. This way you will have everything you need, and won’t need to rush out to the store at the last minute.

Some things you will want to have ready for your canine companion:
1. Crate & Bedding
2. Safe Toys
3. Dog Food, Food Dishes & Treats
4. Leash & Collar
5. Grooming Supplies, brush, toothbrush & dog toothpaste, dog nail clippers
6. “Puppy-Proof” your home from poisons, sharp objects, small items, tempting food & electrical cords
7. Remove any valuable items that your dog could break or ruin. A tail can easily knock over items on a coffee table.
8. Decide on who will be responsible for each of the daily tasks involved with owning a dog. This should be a joint effort between all of the family members.
9. Interview & choose a veterinarian, dog trainer, pet sitter or boarding facility.

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