Dog Friendly Indiana Dunes State Park

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Dog-Friendly Day Trips

Dog-Friendly Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan

Dog-friendly Indiana Dunes and dog friendly Indiana vacations.
Dog-Friendly Indiana Dunes

Dexter The Dog and I love our dog-friendly day trips and dog-friendly vacations. If you are traveling with your dog to the Midwest, I encourage you to check out the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan. You won’t be disappointed!

Dexter and I have visited the dog-friendly dunes and beach for the past two years now, and we are planning to visit the Indiana Dunes again next year. The Indiana Dunes are located along the southern tip of Lake Michigan. But it’s not just about the dunes – part of the beach is dog-friendly too! And as you probably know, Dexter is a beach dog.

Dog-friendly Indiana Beachs
Dog-Friendly Indiana Beaches

But our dog-friendly day trip wasn’t just about Dexter and me – it was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel meetup! A celebration of our love for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We even had a Cavoween Party in one of the shelter houses! Yes, a gathering of Cavalier friends spent the day socializing, eating tasty food, and even serenading Dexter for his birthday. This year, Dexter and I had traveling companions, Levi and his mom, Chris.

Click play to watch Dexter’s serenade

Cavalier Friends
Cavalier Friends

The Indiana Dunes has more than 70 miles of hiking and biking trails, forests, marshes, and prairies. Much more than Dexter and I could explore in one outing. Dexter and I ventured along the sandy dunes sniffing and looking for feathers to chase. We strolled boardwalks along the prairies and took photos. The weather was picture perfect and Dexter truly enjoyed himself.

Pet Friendly Vacations in Indiana
Indiana Dunes State Park

But, an adventure is never complete without a trip to the dog-friendly beach! The Cavalier group ventured to the National Lakeshore where we romped and played. The Indiana Dunes has fifteen miles of breathtaking shoreline, perfect for relaxing and spending a day with the family. Dexter had to dip his toes in Lake Michigan. With the water being on the chilly side, that was as much as he wanted to do. It was fun watching him gallop on the dog-friendly beach and run up the beach to escape the waves.

Our dog-friendly adventure at the Indian Dunes was such a great memory. I feel so blessed to be able to take Dexter on these day trips. Remember, the dog bucket list starts now~

dog friendly beaches near me
Dog-Friendly Beach

Is your dog a beach-going dog? Tell me in the comments.

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Dog-friendly Indiana Dunes and dog friendly Indiana vacations.

47 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Indiana Dunes State Park

  1. So very beautiful – my husband and I both grew up in Michigan and each of us spent a lot of time on the sandy white beaches of the grand Lake with our respective families! We recall this area fondly – your pictures bring back such fond memories. You all look like your having a great time – and love that the pups got to join in the frolicking!

    1. Thanks, Cathy. We are in Ohio, and I need to venture more into Michigan, because you are right. I know there are great spots around.

  2. Definitely dog loves dunes and beach. Especially a dog-friendly vacation like you said. I’ll check the Indiana Dunes on Lake Michigan trip. Thanks for your suggestion.

  3. Thanks for this information! Do you know of any dog friendly lodging in the Indiana Dunes area?

  4. Day trips with a dog must be something really great to experience. I bet that dog lovers really appreciate your tips and make use of them whenever it’s possible. 🙂

  5. We have two dogs and I just love taking them places but unfortunately some places aren’t very dog friendly! We have a town near us that’s completely animal friendly so thats been great except now I have two very massive dogs and traveling with them as proved a bit challenging! I like how this state park is dog friendly and I would love visit it one day!

  6. Love your adventures with Dexter! We’re a super dog-friendly family so love all these posts with places where he can go. Ours go with us as often as possible.

  7. I am personally a dog lover. And this just melts my heart, seeing these beautiful and healthy puppies. They do need some fresh air and sunshine too!

  8. I think it’s so nice that you and your dog can go on trips together. You always find the best dog friendly places. I’m keeping all of this in mind for future reference.

  9. I absolutely love this! Such an awesome place & even better that you can share it with your furry best friend too! Looks like everyone enjoyed it!

  10. OMG Dexter is simply adorable! I love seeing beaches that are dog friendly. Most people think they will be dirty and gross but a lot of dog owners know that they have to keep these beaches clean in order to keep their furry babies happy. Thanks for sharing.

    XO Andie Comala

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