Local Dog Training Classes, Dog Frisbee, Disc Dogs, Canine Freestyle

Dog Adventures, Dog Sports, Dog Training Classes

Local Dog Training Classes, Dog Frisbee, Disc Dogs, Canine Freestyle

February 2011: Okay, now you are almost caught up with my adventures. A few highlights, as February is coming to a close. I appreciate your taking the time out of your day to read all about my dog adventures. I hope you become Facebook fans and keep up with me for future fun.

Mom and I are regulars on our therapy dog visits with a nursing home and a local elementary school. We meet with new facilities regularly to discuss bringing other therapy dog teams to their area.

Mom and I joined Freestyle Fanatics and went to a workshop and meeting. I told you I’m hooked. We are working on our first canine musical freestyle routine to Shake Your Booty. It’s really lots of fun learning new dog moves and tricks. I really do like to shake it up on the dance floor.

We’ve also been practicing throwing (Mom’s part) and catching (my part) the dog Frisbee. We just need to get some distance going, and we’ll be rocking it!

Last weekend we went up to Michigan to Bass Pro and Orion Oaks Dog Park. I played in the small dog area and met 2 new dog friends. We really had a great time chasing each other. I love to be chased! No pictures of this one, we left our camera at the park! Ooops

Today (2/19/11) I had a Cavalier Playdate followed by a Yappy Hour. It was loads of fun! I couldn’t believe how many dogs showed up today for Yappy Hour. I think other dogs’ humans have cabin fever and wanted to get out and about today. We really had a blast.

Mom is sending our paperwork into Buckeye DockDogs on Monday. I really love jumping after my Sqwuggie and am enjoying swimming, so she thinks I will like jumping off a dock after my Sqwuggie. Hmm. We’ll have to see about that one.

Well, it’s off to bed for me. I had a big dog adventure today with the Cavalier Playdate and Yappy Hour back to back. Next week I have two therapy dog visits at the elementary school, a doggie playdate with Sammy from Assistance Dogs and Rally Obedience Run Throughs!

Now we are caught up! See you on the next adventure. Dexter

Does your dog like to dance?  Tell me in the comments.

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