Dog-Friendly Frankenmuth, Michigan: Dog Bowl 2011

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Dog-Friendly Frankenmuth, Michigan: Dog Bowl 2011

All I can say is WOW! This was my second year going to the Frankenmuth Dog Bowl, and it truly didn’t disappoint. Mom, Grandma, and I spent the entire day there checking out all the dog activities and even trying our paw at a few things. The weather could have been better, but we managed.

I started out by trying to see if I was brave enough to try the dog dock diving. Well, I really wanted the fuzzy rabbit dog toy Mom tossed in, but I wasn’t quite ready to jump (it’s so high!). But, I did run down the ramp, fetched my toy and backed up with it. Mom was so proud of me! She said we’d keep trying and start a little slower next time.

dog friendly michigan
My New Dog Jacket

After getting wet, Grandma bought me a new dog coat! I’m so thankful; it was a bit chilly after that.
Then I saw it……that fuzzy thing racing around the course. I started howling, screaming, and just being a nut. The Dog Lure Course! Oh, man, is that one exciting event! This by far was my favorite activity of the day, maybe even in my life! I was able to run and chase the fuzzy thing twice, and I was so fast people were amazed! After the course, all I wanted to do was go back and do it again. Mom wanted to visit our friends from Disc Dogs of MI, but it was too close to the lure, and that’s all I could think about.

dog friendly michigan
Where is that dog lure course?

I did finally settle down so we were able to enjoy all the other festivities. But, I am still dreaming about that fuzzy thing racing around! As always, don’t forget to follow My Tweets for up to date playdates and giveaways! ~Dex

Is your dog adventurous?   Tell me in the comments.

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