FREE Foster Dog Class At Toledo Dog Training

FREE Foster Dog Training Classes For Local Rescues!

Toledo Dog Training is committed to helping all dogs, but we hold a special place in our hearts for rescue dogs. Everyone at Toledo Dog Training have themselves adopted, fostered, trained or volunteered in one way or another to support and encourage dog rescue in the Toledo-Metro area.
Toledo Dog Training supports and encourages the fostering of rescue dogs. We praise all the non-profit dog rescue groups & fosters & volunteers who put in endless work, money & effort to help save as many dogs as they can.  As a dog training facility we feel honored when we are able to meet these wonderful people & the canines they are trying to find good homes for.  In hopes to speeding up the adoption rate……..

We offer a convenient and FREE on going foster dog training class!

The Details: 

o       Must be 501c & have your President contact us prior to showing up
o       Only adult foster parents can attend class
o       Anyone new to our program must attend an orientation first
o       Dog behavior profile will be filled out prior to attending class
o       Must rsvp prior to class to ensure not too many dogs (8 max)
o       Dog must not be reactive around other dogs/people, must be able to cope with a group setting
o       Dog must be current on Vaccines (DHPP, Rabies & Bordetalla) 
o       Thursdays 5:15-6pm

Some other ways Toledo Dog Training supports rescue dogs:

o       Discounted ($40/hr) or FREE Private Instruction for foster dogs
o       Rescue Group Spotlight
o       15% OFF Group or Private Instruction for rescue dogs
o       New Dog Consultations
o       Adopt-a-thons
o       Fundraisers
o       Donations
Please contact us at Toledo Dog Training 

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