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Perrysburg Puppy Training and Dog Training Classes

**Perrysburg Group Dog Training Classes held at South Suburban Animal 5100 Brockway Dr. Perrysburg- Map 

  • Family Dog Training Class: ANY AGE! 6-1 hour classes + online or printed orientation, $140 July 9th-August 13th Sign Up Below, Classes held at South Suburban Animal 5100 Brockway Dr.  
Family Dog Training: A starter class for dogs and their families or for puppies that are still learning and proofing their basics. This class is for dogs who are needing to improve their training skills, need a fresh start, puppies that are starting from scratch or for dogs needing to improve around distractions.
  • The class is especially important for new puppies. Get your new puppy off on the right paw with this informative and fun class! Don’t miss out on your puppy’s critical development timeline, enroll in family dog training today! Common Concerns: People are commonly concerned that their puppies are not fully vaccinated prior to the start of puppy classes. However, due to the fact that puppies are in a critical window for their development, the risk of developing a behavioral problem is far greater than the risk of developing a disease in a puppy class. For detail information, please visit American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.
  • All classes have a big focus on socialization skills, handling, paying attention to you, preventing behavioral problems and being a polite member of the family.

Family Dog Class Prerequisite: (puppies and dogs of any age) Current Vaccines According to Age, All dogs enrolled in group class should not be fearful or aggressive towards people or other dogs or barky at other dogs or people. Please see details. If you are unsure, contact me prior to registration.

Perrysburg Dog Training
  • Topics Covered via Class or Homework: Manners, Motivation, Preventing Separation Anxiety, Leadership Skills, Proper Dog-dog interactions
  • Behaviors Cues Introduced: Name, Down, Sit, Stay, Watch, Leash Walking, Drop, Leave It, Recall, Trick
  • Orientation Policy: The orientation video can be viewed online 7 days prior to the first day of class.  Orientation is important and has homework lessons for you and your dog to complete PRIOR to your first night of class.  Ideally, you should practice these lessons for a week before your start date.  If you do not have computer access, your orientation materials will be mailed to you in a print version.
  • Graduating: This unique Perrysburg Dog Training class can be repeated until your dog has a clear understanding of the behaviors taught. Class size is small (6 max), to ensure individual attention and progression for you and your dog’s own pace. Repeating the class allows you and your dog to continue to advance around other dogs and distractions with the guidance of your dog training coach.
  • Cost: $140 6 Weeks +1 Hour Online Orientation or printed materials. Order my book Proactive Puppy Care for an additional $10 to be shipped free prior to class. Cancellation Policy


Perrysburg Family Dog Training Classes Dates and Sign Up: Classes held at South Suburban Animal 5100 Brockway Dr. Perrysburg 

July 9th thru August 13th 6:30 pm $140 Click to Enroll Today! classes held at South Suburban Animal 5100 Brockway Dr. If you experience any problems while checking out, please contact me. 🙂 Please allow popups.  


“We are so proud of Charlie’s progress in class and at home. We were especially proud of how well he performed his ‘trick’ at the last lesson. Thank you again. We are anxious to start the next class.” Karen and Charlie The Miniature Schnauzer