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March 2011: The beginning of March has been filled with way too much snow for my liking! I have spring fever and am looking forward to some outdoor dog adventures like hiking, swimming, and fishing. I’m a bit tired of “embracing the North.”
However, I’m still enjoying life as usual. I had to cancel a few dog playdates and therapy dog visits because of the snow and ice. But I was able to visit the elementary school on Friday! That was a lot of fun. I also had my Romping Rover class at Toledo Dog Training (Raising Your Pets Naturally), and that’s always a highlight of my day.

My mom also got a big order of my favorite dog toys! Here is a photo of me playing with my dragon, but we call him “Dino.” These dog toys are very durable and even stand up to my tugging and playing!

Well, I’m going to sign off for now. I think my mom wants to play some games! She mentioned that I have a playdate with Sammy this week: Assistance Dog. That will be lots of fun! We are also planning a day trip to Michigan to Disc Dogs of Michigan for a private lesson to brush up on our dog Frisbee skills. xo Dexter The Dog

Do you have a disc dog?  Tell me in the comments.

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