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Bully Sticks!


March 2011 continues to be a month filled with snow and ice days. Thank goodness that spring is very close and the snow/ice melts quickly. I was able to get out and about this week without too much trouble.

This week I had my Romping Rovers class at Toledo Dog Training (Raising Your Pets Naturally), had my therapy dog visits at the nursing home and a dog playdate with some Assistance Dogs of America dogs!

Mom also got some retail items in for her store Perky Paws Cafe. Some of my favorite things came in this week, including Bully Sticks, Lupine dog collars, and dog leashes! I’m all decked out now in my new pattern.

I had a few nice walks this week with Mom at Wildwood Park. Today I also went to Secor Park; we were hoping to walk on the paved brown trail, but it didn’t seem too paved. I’m not sure what that was all about. Mom was trying to keep me clean, because after the park, we went over to Woofers Delight to pick up some yummy snacks! They always treat me so well there. Yum! I also met a new friend, Buddy, who was the door greeter.

After my morning dog adventure, I took a short nap only to be awakened for another trip! This time, we were going to help out Mom’s step-sister with her website Dragon Tiger Martial Arts. Wow, this place is so cool! They don’t normally allow dogs, but since they were closed and Mom was helping, I was allowed to tag along.

I’m really excited about this upcoming weekend……my mom and I are going to Disc Dogs of Michigan for a private lesson to tune up our Frisbee skills! I’m really looking forward to it.

Well, it’s way past my bedtime. So, I will catch you later. ~Dex

Does your dog like to chew toys? Tell me in the comments.

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