Dog-Friendly Travel Guide for New Hampshire | Raymond Area and Manchester New Hampshire Things to Do with a Dog

Pet-Friendly Cabins in New Hampshire and Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

Pet-friendly cabins
Dog-friendly NH weekend

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

Dexter the Dog and I have been working on visiting all the New England states in 2019. Next up on our dog-friendly road trip was New Hampshire! Visiting New Hampshire with Dexter has been on my dog bucket list for a few years. I’m happy to say that our trip to Raymond, New Hampshire did not disappoint.

I love traveling with Dexter’s BFF, Levi, but this trip we invited my parents. I thought it would be a great way to spend some quality time with the family.

This road trip from Ohio to New Hampshire would be about thirteen hours, plus all of our pit stops. We decided to break up the drive into two days, allowing us to take a more leisurely drive to our New Hampshire destination.

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New Hampshire Dog-Friendly Cottages and Cabins

pet-friendly campgrounds
Pine Acres Campground Raymond, New Hampshire

We arrived at Pine Acres Campground in Raymond, New Hampshire. Pine Acres is a summer-focused campground, but we arrived to enjoy the last weekend they were open in the fall. Dexter loves the autumn weather, and visiting New Hampshire during peak fall colors was a must-do.

Our dog-friendly rustic cabin can be booked through We checked in at the main office and store. The staff was very welcoming and extremely helpful explaining where our dog-friendly cabin was located within the large campground.

Best dog friendly campgrounds
NH pet-friendly cabin

Our pet-friendly rustic cabin was the perfect size and situated just across the campground road from a lovely lake. The bedroom has a double bed, closet, and a large dresser with mirror. The living room contained a bunk bed and a sleeper sofa. There is a full kitchen, kitchen table, and a full bath. Our cabin has a large deck with a picnic table. Next to the cabin is also a fire pit. All this goodness was surrounded by large trees in peak colors of gold and crimson. Perfection.

Dog friendly camp sites
Bunk beds
Fun dog vacations
The living area and kitchen
Pet friendly cottages on rivers
Bedroom off of the kitchen

The family was pretty tired from our road trip, so we headed to our sleeping quarters for the night. In the morning, I awoke to some stunning fall foliage along the Lamprey River, which was just across the campground road. It was going to be a great day for a dog-friendly day trip to Manchester, New Hampshire. But first, my stepdad cooked up a great breakfast.

Dog-Friendly Activities and Attractions in Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire was just about twenty minutes west of Pine Acres, so we headed out after breakfast. Our first stop was at the Weston Observatory. Weston Observatory was built in 1896 in honor of James Adams Weston, a former mayor of Manchester and governor of New Hampshire. This dog-friendly attraction allows you and your dog to climb eighty-five steps to the top of the Weston Observatory. When you and your dog reach the top, a member of the Manchester Historic Association will answer any questions regarding the tower and history of Manchester, NH. Included in the cost of admission is a walking tour of the surrounding area.

Things to do with a dog in NH
Weston Observatory in Manchester

Given that Dexter has limited mobility, he stayed below with my mom, while my stepdad and I climbed the sixty-six foot tower. Once we reached the top, we were greeted not only by our tour guide, but with a stunning view of Manchester.

Attractions in Manchester that allow dogs
Tour guide
Pet friendly attractions in New England
View of Manchester from the tower

Manchester, New Hampshire Dog-Friendly Parks

After our fun tour of the Weston Observatory, we headed to Livingston Park. This park was hopping with activity. There were lots of families, dogs, and birds. We took the walking trail that circled Dorr’s Pond. People were even fishing in the pond and, in the winter months, it’s open for ice skating. For the human visitors, they offer a newly constructed swimming pool, baseball diamond, playground, soccer field, and a full athletic complex. It was pretty massive.

Dog hikes in Manchester, NH
Dog-friendly Manchester parks

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manchester, New Hampshire

By this time, our tummies were yelling at us for a fill-up. We headed to downtown Manchester to The Gyro Spot. The Gyro Spot in Manchester has outside tables that are dog-friendly. This place was bustling with customers, and the restaurant smelled so good.

Pet friendly restaurants in Manchester, NH
The Gyro Spot outside cafe

The Gyro Spot is a family restaurant that serves up traditional Greek street food with a modern twist. Don’t let the upbeat, casual atmosphere fool you. The food is out of this world. The kitchen staff was extremely kind in helping me choose my chicken gyro. They serve traditional pork gyros as well as beef/lamb, chicken, and veggie.

Dog friendly restaurant in Manchester
Fresh and great food

The three of us each ordered a different gyro: chicken, pork, and beef/lamb. The traditional pork gyro was filled with rotisserie pork, tzatziki sauce, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and hand-cut fries, wrapped in a grilled pita. The beef/lamb gyro had rotisserie lamb and beef, tzatziki sauce, onions, tomatoes, parsley, and hand-cut fries, wrapped in a grilled pita. My chicken gyro had rotisserie chicken, with their signature “G-Sauce,” onions, tomatoes, parsley, and hand-cut fries, wrapped in a grilled pita. For dessert, a fresh order of loukoumades topped it off. These warm fried dough balls were sprinkled with honey and powdered cinnamon. Yes, it was as good as it sounds.

Dog friendly patios in New Hampshire

After lunch, we headed back to our rustic cabin at Pine Acres campground. It was time to just chill and relax at the campground. One of the nice things about renting a cabin is that the family can unwind in our own space. After dinner, it didn’t take long before all of us went to bed.

Best campgrounds that allow dogs
Our view of the Lamprey River

Raymond, New Hampshire Pet-Friendly Cabins and Cottages

Pet friendly cottages on a lake or river
Morning views

For our last day in New Hampshire, we decided to enjoy all that Pine Acres campground had to offer. Pine Acres is considered one of the premier wilderness playgrounds in all of New England. This pet-friendly New Hampshire campground features a wide variety of amenities all situated among beautiful trees and along the Lamprey River. Pine Acres even won Woodall’s highest rated 5E for recreation!

Pet friendly cottages
Beach and swimming area for the people.

This summer-focused campground’s amenities include: A pet-friendly campground, lake swimming with 600 ft. sandy beach, lake and river fishing, daily and weekly organized recreational activities, fully stocked general store, teen recreation hall, adult recreation hall, sand volleyball, two playgrounds, full basketball court, softball field, snack shack, cabin rentals, 24-hour laundromat, horseshoe pits, wooded or waterfront sites, full hookup sites, water and electric-only sites, tent sites, seasonal sites, propane, and three dumping stations.

Pet friendly cabin rentals
Restaurant and activity hall

It’s no wonder Pine Acres is a happening dog-friendly campground in New Hampshire. And it was a very active area. Families were buzzing around having a good time. I definitely would consider this campground active vs. being a quiet retreat, ideal for families of all ages.

dog friendly retreats
A lively game of horseshoes

We enjoyed a day of walking around the campground and talking to our neighbors. Ed even tossed a line in the Lamprey River. I’m sad to say, nothing was biting, but he still had fun fly fishing in New Hampshire.

Dog friendly resorts
Fly fishing in the Lamprey River

My mom and Ed stoked up a good campfire, while I headed to the general store to pick up some marshmallow sticks. Ed cooked up a mouthwatering beef roast on the campfire. I must say, he is quite the grillmaster.

Pet friendly campgrounds
Diner over the open fire
Pet friendly camping
Dexter waiting for a handout

After dinner, we toasted marshmallows and made some delicious campfire treats. It was the ideal way to end our stay in New Hampshire.

Pet friendly camping spots in New England
A perfect ending

If you are looking for a fun, dog-friendly New Hampshire trip, I highly recommend staying at Pine Acres Campground. You can book on With more than forty summer-focused campgrounds across the country, your family is bound to find the perfect getaway.

Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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Dog-Friendly Travel Guide for New Hampshire | Raymond Area and Manchester New Hampshire Things to Do with a Dog

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