Stop N Go 27 at 24s McCord-Gas Scam

Gas Station Scams and Rip Offs

Toledo Gas Station Scams and Rip Offs: Stop N Go 27

Toledo Gas Station Scams
Toledo Gas Station Scams

Oh, it takes a bit for me to get hot under the collar. A quick way to fire me up is when someone or a company tries to scam their customers. That is what happened to me this morning at The Stop N Go 27 located at 24 S. McCord Holland, OH 43528. I was heading North on McCord taking Dexter The Dog to the park. I saw their gas sign for $3.19/gallon for unleaded. When I pulled up to the pump, this was not the case. The gas read $3.269/gallon. I hesitated and almost left. But then as I’m sure most customers do, filled my gas tank. I may actually have been one of the few who actually realized they were getting baited and switched.

After filling up my tank, I wanted a receipt. It would not print (how convenient, I think), so I walked inside to ask about one. The counter clerk was busy chatting with another employee and did not seem impressed that I wanted a receipt. I also advised her that the gas was not price as listed on their outdoor sign. She abruptly told me that was the cash price, and they charged more if paying with a credit card. Hmmm. As a merchant, I know I cannot increase my price if someone pays with a card, so I guess this is another way around that law. I asked her how I was supposed to know that, and she said it was on the outside sign and posted on all the pumps. I didn’t recall seeing that.

I walked back to my pump, and there was NOT any sign indicating a higher cost for gas if you paid with a credit card. I looked at the big sign (which I did not pass because of my travel route), and finally, could make out the tiny “cash” word by the price. I looked around at the other pumps, and I saw that most of the pumps did NOT have an extra fee sign posted on them either.

So, back inside I went. I tried to explain to the cashier that there was not a posting on my pump or any of the others. She then said, “It doesn’t matter because we are covered with the big sign out front.” Wow! Is that how The Stop N Go treats their customers? Not, “I am sorry for the inconvenience, I will post those signs.” Just that they were “covered.” I explained to her that I would be contacting Stop N Go about my experience, and she couldn’t have cared less.

Obviously, I will not patronize this Stop N Go and depending on what the company says or does about this, may not patronize any locations. I think I will stick to my great experiences at the various Pilot Flying J’s! They continue to have great customer service time and time again. You can take some tips from them, Stop N Go!

Have you ever felt duped?  Tell me in the comments.

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