Cat Behavior Help

Cat Help

Trying to find a pet professional to help you with your cat’s behavioral problems can sometimes seem impossible. It’s not common for pet professionals to train cats and most importantly, help cat parents with their cat problems. But I’m here to help you with your cat needs.

I may not have started my career with the intention of training cats, but since my teenage years, I’ve always had a cat in my life. Raising my own cats naturally has always been front and center along with helping my family do the same. While I ran my pet sitting business for five years, I cared for many cats and even “unofficially” helped clients with their cat problems. As a professional dog trainer, I’ve helped many clients whose dogs and cats needed to learn how to co-exist and some even developed close bonds with each other.

Continuing my education in cat behavior, care, and nutrition is just as important to me as my continued education in dog care (view details here). So you can be assured, I will offer you sound solutions to solve your cat’s behavioral problems.

Some of the cat behavioral problems I can help you find a solution for include: inappropriate cat scratching, cat nutrition, natural cat care, raising cats and dogs together, cat litter box issues, cat marking, cat biting and scratching, cats fighting, fearful cats and human aggression. Contact me today to get started. Both in-person and phone/Skype sessions are available.

Getting Started: Contact me. Changing your cat’s behavior from inappropriate to appropriate starts with your initial contact. I will then send you a behavior and medical history form for you to fill out detailing the behavior of your cat(s), any medical condition, activities and living situation. Once you have completed your cat profile, send it back and then the fun really begins.

We will arrange a convenient time for me to come to your home, call, or Skype for our initial cat behavior consultation. During our behavior consultation, we will discuss your cat’s behavior, the length the behavior has been occurring, discuss any possible medical conditions, determine the gravity of your cat’s symptoms, talk about a personalized action plan, put management procedures in place, discuss add-ons for your situation such as homeopathic remedies, calming aids, etc. At the end of your session, we can decide on a cat training package that will meet your goals. Together, we will develop an individualized treatment plan for your family so that we can reach your target.

Follow-Up: This is a very important step in achieving success. With regular communication via email, video, and phone, we can improve, troubleshoot, and tweak your cat’s behavior modification program. I will be able to guide you through your cat’s transformation every step of the way through your video uploads, messages, and our conversations. Packages and single-service options are available.