A “note” from past/current Dog Training students.

Living Like Cats and Dogs

“I NEVER thought I would ever see Charley & Cali this close together without barking and/hissing. No cat/dog fights!! Thank you so very much for helping us achieve this peace!”

“We loved the class, and he really did learn a lot (it’s me that needs all the reinforcement). Thanks again Tonya. You are such a good teacher, and we had a great time!” David and Buddy The Labrador Retriever

“The class has been wonderful and we plan to continue working on all of the behaviors we have learned. Thank you for running such an excellent class and making it such a positive experience.” Stephanie and Rufus The Mix Breed

“I wanted to let you know it was a pleasure attending your class. We see improvements all the time and could not be more pleased with your teaching. We have already recommended Best Toledo Dog Traineryour classes to others and want to thank you sincerely for all your help.” Melissa and Bailey The Doberman

“Thanks to you and the distraction training techniques we meet at least 3 strangers and 1 or 2 dogs each trip. Both of our dogs are now barkless at passing people and after the first dog encounter are barkless towards dogs. We hope by the end of the trip the first dog encounter of the day will be barkless as well! Your strategies have made these walks the most relaxing in our two years of coming here!” Kathleen and Jazzy The Bichon Frise

“This is the first teacher/class I feel like we connected with. Thank you for being such a good, up-beat, positive teacher! You have the perfect personality for being a teacher. I felt like we walked away from school knowing something new & I really felt so proud of all my dog’s hard work & willingness to try new behaviors.” Shannon and Charlotte The Cocker Spaniel

Raising A Dog Naturally“I am just thrilled with the class that I am currently taking with my young dog. I’ve trained dogs for years, but haven’t worked with a trainer for a long time. The classes are so much fun and it is nice to see all of the dogs having fun and not being afraid to learn new things or make mistakes. I HIGHLY recommend the classes!!” Susan and Nillie The Australian Shepherd

“I really enjoyed having a controlled environment to socialize my dog in.” Cathy and Patsy The Pit Bull Mix

Dog Training Classes”You have such a fun approach-it is apparent the dogs respond to you!” Mary and Otto The Poodle
“This was a totally different type of training class than we had been to before and we learned a lot!” Rebecca and Barkley The Collie

Help with my cat“Tonya is a genius with canines! She has helped us understand Tillie and learn some great skills together.” Kathy and Tillie The Cavalier

“My relationship with my dog improved during this class.” Dale and Lulu The Hound Mix

“We have fun learning the different commands and behaviors.” Joannie and Marshall The Short Haired Pointer

“Tonya is always patient and enthusiastic.” Susan and Max The Golden Retriever

“She asks all handlers to participate with their dogs at the level that is appropriate for them.”

“It’s apparent that Tonya loves dogs and knows how to build good behaviors.” Lynne and Charlie The Puggle

“Thank you so much for all of your help and patience with me.” Mary and Sampson The Bernese Mountain Dog

Puppy Classes
“I appreciate all of your outside the classroom commitment to your patrons.” Fred and Lexie The Terrier Mix

“ThLocal Dog Traininge best part was I learned how to teach my dog!” Sue and Bentley The Labrador Retriever

“I learned how to read my dog better.” Marilyn and Max The Australian Shepherd

“Thank you so much for all the time you spent at our consultation, it was very helpful and informative.” Donna and Bosco The Havanese
“Tonya was willing to spend necessary time in class with every student to achieve success.” Joyce and Iggy The Goldendoodle

“Tonya was helpful with questions and also available to answer concerns and other questions.” Ginger and Ivan The Bloodhound

“I have really felt through Tonya’s visits to our home and the classes, she has helped me gain confidence with my dog.” Judy and Gracie The Papillon

“I really enjoyed the class and feel it was a good experience.” Jenny and Buddy The Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Group Dog Classes

“I learned that I can train my dog, and that he does want to learn.” John and Dexter The French Bulldog

“As I started the classes, I gained confidence in working with my dog and I felt our relationship and bonding improve.” Cary and Riley The Pug

“I have learned how to read my puppy better when he is interacting with other dogs.” Sandy and Max The Golden Retriever

Training your dog“Thanks Tonya for everything! We look forward to our next class.” Sara and Remmy The Mixed Breed

“His behavior improved with his training, and we trust him much more.” Corey and Sam The Mix Breed

“The instruction was always able to answer questions and was very encouraging.” Charlotte and Tula The Bichon Frise

“Tonya was willing to spend necessary time in class to help the dogs achieve success.” Margarette and Sammy The Poodle

“Both my dog and I looked forward to our class every week.” Kathi and Bailey The Labrador Mix
Puppy Training

“I have loved this class and look forward to more!” Pam and Scooter The English Pointer

“Class was the high point of my dog’s week.” Jim and Carley The German Shepherd

“I appreciated the individual attention.” Ben and Lucy The Whippet

“Tonya treated everyone with respect and concern.” Tina and Duke The Norwich Terrier

How to teach your dog“Tonya has a very good rapport w/dogs and people.” Tammy and Spike the Chihuahua

“Thanks for the personal attention! It was very helpful. I loved your enthusiasm.” Tonya and Chloe The Dalmatian

“I really enjoyed teaching my dog to come when called. He loves that exercise now!” Monica and Phelix The Airedale Terrier

“We really had no experience training dogs before class. We really appreciated all the recommendations.” Zach and Minnie The Boston Terrier

“The class was very impressive and very well organized.” Sue and Jackson The Mixed Breed

Dog Behavior
“Tonya-You were a great instructor-loved your positive training!
Thanks a million. :)” Mary and Jake The Beagle

“The puppy class really helped me to create a stronger bond with my puppy.” Deb and Hank The Keeshond