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Published Books by Tonya Wilhelm

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

If you are looking for the best dog training book for your dog, check out my positive dog training books. They are written with you in mind.  These dog behavior and dog training books are easy to follow and easy to implement.

Proactive Puppy Care BookProactive Puppy Care: Preventing Puppy Problems Puppy raising can be very challenging if you are not equipped with the correct tools or do not realize what is involved. Learn how to raise your puppy into becoming a happy, confident family member in Proactive Puppy Care.

Puppy training, puppy care, and puppyhood, oh my. Puppyhood is the most important time in a dog’s life. They are like little sponges soaking up experiences and learning what is safe, appropriate and fun. You will not be able to redo this critical period in your puppy’s life, so take advantage of their development and teach them the skills needed to lead a happy life.

A good puppy parent will be able to mold their puppy into a confident, safe, happy dog with whom they can spend the next 10-15 years. The work you put into your puppy now will help to ensure a “good dog” in the future. Be prepared for some ups and downs and remember that patience and a good sense of humor are important. If you have that attitude, raising a puppy is truly a blessing.

Contents: Positive Reinforcement *Motivation *Calories *Taking Food Gently Management *Stuffing a Hollow Toy *Crate Training No Worries *Socialization *Puppy Classes *Dog To Dog Interactions *Puppies and Children *Puppy Etiquette *Handling and Restraint *Relaxation Techniques Games To Play With Your Puppy Find The Toy *Toy Challenge *Sniffy-Sniff *Chase Me *Fetch *Training Thunder Phobia *Resource Guarding *Separation Anxiety Potty Training Mouthing People Name Game Sit *Down *Drop It Teaching Good Walking Skills Jumping Up Choosing a Veterinarian *Vaccinations *Breed Health *Health Insurance *Healthy Food and Weight *Healthy Dog Treats Safe Dog Chews and Bones Brushing *Bathing *Nail Trims *Dental Care Motion Sickness *Car Safety Adolescence *Your Puppy’s Future Daily Puppy Log  Order from Amazon.


Home Cooking For Dogs BookWhat’s For Dinner, Dexter? Cooking For Your Dog Using Chinese Medicine Theory Home cooking for your dog can be fun and easy. By using Chinese Medicine theory, you can keep your pet healthy using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. Learn how in What’s For Dinner, Dexter?

The pet-owner bond is strengthened when owners feel they are contributing to their pet’s well-being and good health on one of the most intimate levels of human bonding: food. Home cooking for your dog can be fun and easy. By using Chinese Medicine theory, you can keep your pet healthy using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. Learn to use food as medicine by following the simple guidelines in What’s For Dinner, Dexter? Over 50 main dishes for your dog, some travel meals and snacks. Order from Amazon.

treatingseparationanxietyindogsbookPlease Stay: Help For A Dog With Separation Anxiety Does your dog suffer from distress when you leave the house or even the room? Does your dog panic to the point of defecating, damaging your home or even escaping your home while you are away? Learn step by step how to treat this devastating condition.

Contents: The human – dog bond * Separation Anxiety Causes and Symptoms * Theo’s Story Does My Dog Have Separation Anxiety? Possible Behavioral Actions * Questions to Consider * Specific vs General Human Attachment * Beginning Treatment Plan – Level One How it Affects Your Dog * The Emotional Connection * Our Goal Level One Setting Up For Success Step One – Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety No Intolerable Alone Time * Household Schedule Adjustments * Prescription Anti-Anxiety Medication * Over the Counter Anti-Anxiety Options * Additional Calming Aids * Be Positive * Shen Disturbance * High Quality Appropriate Diet Step Two – Confinement Area Choosing Location * Items Needed * Preparing the Area Step Three – Motivation Food Examples * Finding Your Dogs Favorite Step Four – Interactive Treat Toys Stuffing A Hollow Chew Toy * Dry Food Chew Toy Steps * Frozen Food Chew Toy Steps Step Five – In View Confinement Training Beginning Training Inside Chosen Area * Practice Sessions: Sitting Inside Area and Leaving Area Step Six – Teaching a Station or Go To Bed Mat or Bed Locations * Teaching Your Dog His Special Location(s) Step Seven – Teaching a Stay Steps to a Successful Stay * Using the Mat or Bed * Training Using a Divider (or Door) Step Eight – Not Being Clingy Appropriate Attention * Tether System Step Nine – Desensitizing Leaving Cues or Triggers Breaking Down Departure Clues * Practicing Departure Sessions Step Ten – Exercise, Activities and Confidence Building Daily Activities * Tricks * Find the Toy * Toy Challenge * Obstacles * Enrollment in Positive Dog Training Step Eleven – Relaxation Location * Relaxation Techniques Graduating From Level 1 Accomplishment Checklist Level Two Out of Sight Training * Technology Assistance; Video Suggestions Step One – Out of View Confinement Training Working up to 30 Minutes Slowly * Evaluating Reactions Step Two – Getting Out of the House Time to Practice Leaving the House * Monitoring Reactions Step Three – Continuing Foundation Work Maintaining Progress Level Three Putting it All Together Step One – Getting Out of the House with Leaving Cues Steps Using Departure Cues * The Garage * Around the Block * Monitoring Reactions Level Four Increasing Time Away Increments * Evaluating Reactions Level Five and Beyond Step one – Importance of Maintaining Resources Order from Amazon.

Healthy Dog Treat RecipesDexter’s Delights: Fun and Healthy Treats for Dogs Opening your mind to a whole new world of tasty and healthy dog treats! We love our dogs, and we want the best things for them, including their treats. It’s time to pass by the dog treat aisle and head to the health food store.

In this comprehensive dog treat book, you will learn fun ways to incorporate healthy foods, herbs and spices into your dog’s treats. Say no to wheat, corn and sugar and yes to coconut oil, lean fish, and cinnamon. Get ready for some baking fun with this collection of more than 50 unique and beneficial dog treat recipes.

Inside you will find easy, no-bake treats, frozen delights to more complex creations. It’s the ultimate dog treat book for even the fussiest of pooches. Order from Amazon.