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Travel guide for a fun dog road trip. Dog-friendly travel guides are a great way to plan your next dog road trip. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Dog-Friendly Travel Guide

Dog-Friendly Travel Campaigns and Opportunities

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm is a lifestyle blog that focuses on my passions and expertise. Over my two decades of experience as a professional dog trainer, my readers have come to value my down-to-earth advice and recommendations. Raising Your Pets Naturally is more than dog training and pet care, it is also a travel website dedicated to highlighting the best dog-friendly destinations.

Dog parents love following Dexter the Dog along on his dog-friendly travel adventures through his popular video and blog series Dexter’s Destinations. #DextersDestinations. My readers are dedicated dog parents and avid travelers seeking new pet-friendly destinations and travel tips. My readers value my firsthand experiences and rely on my honest recommendations. This dedicated crowd focuses on LIVING life to the fullest and including their canine companions in their adventures.

Travel-Related Services

Pet ownership has been on a consistent rise for more than two decades. According to the 2017–2018 National Pet Owners Survey, 68 percent of U.S. households (85 million families) own a pet, 89 million of those pets being dogs. This is an increase of 56 percent since 1988. Traveling with pets has seen a 19 percent increase (37 percent) from 10 years ago.

I am on a mission to help destinations and brands reach this vast active market through a variety of content services including freelance writing, sponsored online content, quality photography, videography, product reviews, destination/accommodation/attraction content, and social media coverage. I even launched a dog-friendly tourism initiative geared toward destinations.

My goal is a win-win for you, my readers, and my favorite canine, Dexter. I look forward to collaborating with like-minded companies and connecting my readers with your brand or destination. Contact me today to start a customized campaign that will exceed your marketing goals.

Tonya & Dexter

Upcoming 2020 Dog-Friendly Travel Destinations

  • January/February-2020-4 Hour Radius of Toledo, Ohio
  • March 2020-Gulf Shores, Alabama
  • March 2020-St. Louis, Mississippi
  • March 2020-Louisiana (Flexible/Possibly Saint Francisville, Covington, New Orleans)
  • Spring/Early Summer 2020-Michigan 4 Hour Radius of Toledo, Ohio
  • October 2020-Iowa (Flexible/Possibly Dubuque)
  • October 2020-Missouri (Flexible/Possibly Branson)
  • October 2020-Hot Springs, Arkansas
  • November 2020-Lexington, Kentucky
  • December 2020-4 Hour Radius of Toledo, Ohio

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Dog-friendly Maine road trip
Dog-Friendly Maine Travel Guide

Tonya was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her dedicated and engaged following made her an excellent choice to share Maine’s pet-friendly amenities. She approached the project and her press visit with professionalism and enthusiasm, and the results speak for themselves. She delivered on her promises and kept us informed every step of the way. – Charlene Williams Marshall Communications Visit Maine

Dog travel guides
Cambridge, Ohio Travel Guide

Love that you got in the Bigfoot reference…talk about quirky!!! It’s a terrific story, Tonya. Thanks so much for working with us I appreciate all that you have done as a result of your stay. It was a pleasure to work with you.- Mona Mesereau, Mesereau Travel Public Relations Dog-Friendly Cambridge, Ohio

Bethel, Maine
Bethel, Maine Travel Guide

Tonya- This is the absolutely the best overview of dog-friendly Bethel I’ve ever read or seen. What a great vlog. Thanks so much!- Wende Gray, Gray Marketing & Visit Maine Partnership Dog-Friendly Bethel, Maine

Pet-friendly Indiana guide
Carmel, Indiana Travel Guide

Tonya did a great job telling the story of our destination! We’d love to have her and Dexter back!- Whitney Riggs, Visit Hamilton County Indiana Dog-Friendly Carmel, Indiana

Dog-friendly Dublin, Ohio
Dublin, Ohio Travel Guide

Tonya (and Dexter!) were a pleasure to work with when coordinating a recent media visit. She was detailed, clear with expectations and proactive with creative ideas. From initial conversations to the published coverage, Tonya was thoughtful about how her work could be most beneficial to both parties. We appreciated how Tonya was receptive to feedback, too. We highly recommend working with Tonya and Dexter for pet-friendly travel experiences! – Kerigan McNamara, Belle Communication Dog-Friendly Dublin

Dog-Friendly Chicago
Chicago City Guide

Oh my goodness, this is fantastic! Thank you so very much for your wonderful post and comprehensive video! We really appreciate all of your detail and follow-up. I hope to work with you again in the future…we have other pet-friendly properties on our client list in Chicago who I am sure would welcome you and Dexter anytime! – Janet Isabelli, CEO & Partner Isabelli Media Relations Dog-Friendly Chicago

Pet-friendly travel guides
Festival Country Indiana Travel Guide

Festival Country Indiana has long been a pet-friendly destination, but the buzz about our pet-friendly communities grew tremendously when you visited and shared your experience via blogging, video and social media. You certainly helped us reach a valuable niche market. I couldn’t be more pleased! – Kenneth Kosky, Director of Tourism, Festival Country Indiana Dog-Friendly Festival Country

Dog-friendly Norther Indiana things to do along Lake Michigan. Dog-friendly South Shore things to see and do. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Dog-Friendly South Shore Indiana

Working with Tonya was a breeze. I gave her a few pet-friendly locations as recommendations and expected her to hit only half of them. She was so eager to visit all the locations, she stopped at every single location I suggested – even in the pouring rain! She followed up quickly with photos and blogs for promotion on our social media sites.  -Erika Dahl, Along The South Shore

Dog-friendly Put-in-Bay Ohio

Tonya and her family were lovely to work with. We enjoyed having them ride the ferry with us and loved reading about their adventure to Put-in-Bay aboard Miller Ferry on Raising Pets Naturally. We appreciated all of her social efforts and postings on Facebook and Twitter. She is a great writer who makes the reader feel like they are traveling with her family while reading her articles. – Katrina M. Reed, Miller Boat Line Dog-Friendly Put-in-Bay

Dog-friendly Florida cottages and inns

Hi Tonya – Thank you so much for the review and kind words for Changing Tides Cottages. You really captured the spirit we try to create! It took considerable time, thought and effort to write as detailed a review and please know we are appreciative of your efforts.  Numerous guests say they are going to write — and then Life or something gets in the way — and it never materializes. We are happy that yours did. Glad you and your family enjoyed Changing Tides; we certainly enjoy sharing it, especially with folks who appreciate it. Of course, a heart-felt review also helps us! Thanks for visiting us. Renee & Kathy-Changing Tides Cottages


Dog-Friendly Travel Guide for a Dog Road Trip. Dog-friendly travel guides are a great way to plan your next pet-friendly vacation. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #travelguide #travelguides ##petfriendly #dogfriendly #petfriendlyvacations #dogfriendlyvacations
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