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Dog-Friendly Dublin, Ohio

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Things to do in Dublin, Ohio with a dog

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by The Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted.  ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

Dexter the Dog and I were looking for a walkable dog-friendly trip and decided to visit Dublin, Ohio. Dog-friendly travels are always better with friends, so we invited Levi the Dog and his mom, Chris.

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We started our day in Dublin with a stroll at one of Dublin’s breathtaking waterfalls, Indian Run Falls. Dexter and I are always attracted to water and water features. I was very pleased that we had easy access to view the waterfalls. It was just a short stroll from our car to the many observation platforms and bridge.

Dexter was feeling exceptionally spry, so we took the rugged path down to the water and the actual falls area. Dexter and Levi both delighted in walking the rocks, drinking the pristine water, and appreciated some pets from other guests enjoying the park. The cool water was a perfect way to get relief from the hot and humid weather we were experiencing.

Dog-friendly vacations in the Midwest. Pet-friendly Dublin, Ohio day trip. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Indian Run Falls

After our great outdoor adventure, we hopped in the car and drove ½ mile to Historic Dublin. Parking was a breeze in the free Town Center Lot. There were plenty of parking spots available, and it was right in town and centrally located. We walked around town window shopping, talking with the locals, and taking lots of fun photos. Everyone we ran into was very nice, social, and loved saying hello to Dexter and Levi.

Historic Places To Visit with a Dog
Historic Dublin, Ohio

We walked to La Chatelaine and asked if the dogs were allowed on their outside patio. We were given the green light. La Chatelaine serves fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, and fresh pastries. This French bistro and bakery has a very warm atmosphere and the staff were very pleasant and sociable. The food, that was amazing! I ordered a classic spinach and artichoke bistro sandwich. I had to order a slice of their La Chatelaine chocolate cake, too. Oh, it was so rich and velvety smooth. Just what my chocolate obsession needed.

Best pet friendly vacation spots
Dog-Friendly Cafes in Dublin, Ohio

After lunch, we walked to the Dublin Springs Park. This unique park is located along the river under the Bridge St. Bridge. It offered great views and a nice little gazebo, perfect for a packed lunch or just to watch the river. With the great walkable riverfront access, this park would be a great spot for fishing, something I will have to share with my stepdad.

After working off our lunch, an ice cream treat was in order. We walked back up to Johnson’s Real Ice Cream for both puppy ice cream snacks and human snacks. This Irish Approved business makes a special ice cream just for dogs. The nice ice cream barista explained that the ice cream is lower in calories and fat for the dogs. Me, I went for their popular salty caramel chocolate pretzel in a sugar cone. Yes, this was my second dessert for the day. I loved every caramelly and gooey lick. No regrets.

Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Shops in Ohio
Doggy Ice Cream

With full bellies, we decided to jump into the car and view some of Dublin’s public art sculptures. The program began in 1988 and has over 70 sculptural elements and collections both large and small throughout the city of Dublin. The Dublin Arts Council’s Dublin Art in Public Places program is a wonderful way to enjoy the city. If you prefer to make it a walking tour, head to Coffman Park where you can see a variety of sculptures.

We ran the boys all around Dublin and found great sculptures and learned a lot about the town in the process. Our favorites were the Field of Corn, Chief Leatherlips monument, Kiwanis Frog Jump statue, Giant Dancing Rabbits and Splash Pad, Watch House, and the Dublin Tunnel Mural.

Things to do in Dublin with your dog
Dog-Friendly Attractions in Dublin, Ohio

After a fun, but tiring day, it was time to head to our pet-friendly Dublin, Ohio hotel. We were staying close to the historic Dublin at Home2 Suites Dublin. Home2 Suites Dublin isn’t just dog-friendly, but welcomed us with open arms. The dogs were allowed to be with us throughout the hotel, and outside on their two outdoor patio areas. They also had a HUGE grassy, well-lit pet area right in front of the hotel, making potty breaks very safe.

The contemporary King one bedroom suite had more than ample space for the four of us, including a large workstation and table that pulled out. The full-sized sofa bed was very comfortable as was the luxurious bed. The kitchen area had a large refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, flatware, microwavable cookware, coffeemaker, and toaster.

Luxury pet-friendly hotels in Ohio
Dog-Friendly Hotel

After we unpacked for the night, it was time to order some dinner. Since we were going for the Dublin feel without leaving Ohio, we placed an order with the Dublin Village Tavern. The Dublin Village Tavern is a Dublin staple. Since opening in 2000, they quickly became the spot for locals and visitors alike. Dublin Village Tavern is known for their Irish-inspired menu, you can enjoy savory dishes such as the Irish Kettle Dinner, Irish Egg Rolls, and Irish Sliders.

Chris ordered their award-winning Irish Egg Rolls that were filled with corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese served with a side of 1000 Island. She also went for the Irish Sliders which were a blend of fresh ground banger sausage and ground beef topped with Irish Cheddar, Irish Rashers, and red onion. Served with Irish Country Relish on the side. I’m a burger gal, so I ordered the Guinness BBQ Burger topped with cheese, bacon, and the house BBQ sauce.

Good, doesn’t begin to describe the food. Mouthwatering and very unique. The Guinness burger was one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever had. It was cooked perfectly and had a great flavor, and their sauce was amazing. But, I thought it would be a good idea to make the day a three-dessert day, so I also ordered their Triple Irish. A warm triple-chocolate brownie with Guinness-whiskey caramel and Baileys whipped cream. Yes. It was as good as it sounds.

Irish Restaurants in Dublin, Ohio
Irish Restaurants in Dublin, Ohio

After eating all this great food, you would think I would hit Home2 Suites Spin2 Cycle, to run on the treadmill, but instead I hit the bed to relax in my king-sized Serta Suite Dreams® bed with microfiber sheets.

In the morning, the dessert guilt was kicking in, so I decided to be a little more health conscious at breakfast. Luckily, Home2 Suites offers a free Inspired Table™ with both healthy and delicious options. I choose hot porridge with an assortment of fruits and nuts. I even had an egg, ham, and cheese frittata which was a bit out of my wheelhouse, but it tasted great!

After we checked out of our dog-friendly Dublin hotel, we headed to Nando’s Dog Park. This dog park in Dublin was named for Nando, the City’s first Police Canine. Nando served the City with dedication and spirit, both as a four-legged officer and as a liaison to Dublin children.

The off-leash dog park offers small and large dog areas for dogs to run, play, and mingle. There are benches in both the large and small dog areas and covered picnic tables in the large area. I would imagine a lot of locals and visiting dogs love the opportunity to run and play.

Off-leash dog parks in the Midwest
Nando’s Dog Park in Dublin, Ohio

Our last stop was to Ha’Penny Bridge Imports of Ireland. This Irish Approved business is located in a Historic Dublin house and offers a wide selection of authentic Irish and Celtic merchandise. Dexter and Levi were welcomed inside since they are so well-behaved and did not disrupt the merchandise. It was a real treat speaking with the owner and learning they were celebrating their 35th year in business. The store had an amazing assortment of jewelry, clothing, gifts, kilts, art, and Ireland travel information. It was the perfect last stop on our Dublin, Ohio visit.

Best places to travel with a dog
Dog-Friendly Stores

We really enjoyed our trip to Dublin, Ohio. Dublin offers a variety of unique attractions, sculptures, parks, dog-friendly restaurants, and quite an Irish attitude. We are already talking about our next Dublin adventure because there were so many things we wanted to do but just ran out of time. Dublin is a must-do and a do-over!

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Dog-friendly vacations in the Midwest. Pet-friendly Dublin, Ohio day trip. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #dogfriendlyvacations #travelingwithdogs #dogfriendlydublin #petfriendlyohio #dogfriendlyohio
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