Dog and Cat Behavior, Pet Nutrition, and Natural Pet Care Conference and Workshop Speaker

Tonya Wilhelm provides a variety of #dogtraining, #petnutrition, #catbehavior and #dogentertainment workshops and seminars globally. You can book one of the top ten dog trainers for your conference today. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #conferencespeakers #dogbehaviorspecialist #catspecialist #petnutrionspecialist
Pet Behavior Talks and Workshops

I love to talk and interact with people about their pets; it’s one of the best parts of being a pet professional speaker. Lectures or interactive workshops can be geared towards pet parents, dog professionals, or dog enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a small intimate lecture or a large expo, I can work with you and your team to find the perfect dog, cat or general pet lecture. Dexter The Dog and I also present a variety of live entertainment dog acts! The sky really is the limit.

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“Tonya is a great speaker and a joy to listen to. It’s amazing that in a room with over 100 dogs, Tonya is able to get their attention and get them all to behave!”  Dr. Judy Morgan-Clayton, New Jersey


Popular Topics:

  • Teach Your Dog Fun Tricks Bring the kids, your dancing shoes, and treats! In this interactive trick demo, you will be able to work with Tonya and Dexter The Dog on some fun tricks. Entertaining and fun, you won’t want to miss this one. Bring your dogs, they can participate too. Teaching your dog tricks helps to build a lasting and fun relationship with you and your dog. Trick training is fun for both you and your dog. Giving your dog something to do helps relieve boredom. Builds confidence for both you and your dog. Entertaining and fun.
  • What’s For Dinner, Dexter? Home cooking for your dog can be fun and easy. Learn how easy it is to cook healthy meals for your pets. Meals so healthy you’ll want to share with your pet! By using Chinese Medicine theory, you can keep your pet healthy using fresh, wholesome food ingredients. Workshop and/or living cooking demonstrations.
  • Everything You Need To Know About Cat Litter Box Training: Preventing and Solving Litter Box Problems Inappropriate urination is the number one cat behavioral problem among cat owners, which can lead to frustration, re-homing, and even euthanasia. But there are a lot of successful treatments we can do to achieve litter box success. Learn how in this informative cat litter box workshop. * Litter Box Training Cats and Kittens * Choosing A Safe and Non-Toxic Cat Litter * Litter Box Choices: Pros and Cons * Location, Location, Location! * Litter Box Cleanliness * Reasons Your Cat May Not Use the Litter Box * Solutions to Solve Inappropriate Urination
  • Fun Feline Enrichment for All Ages. Cat Play Isn’t Just for Kittens. Cats are fascinating creatures. They’re full of life and love to engage in mental and physical activity. Exercise and play is a great way not only to bond with your cat, but also to help your cat stay lean and fit, which can improve his quality of life and even add years to his life. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn fun games to play with cats of all ages and physical abilities, and take part in a lively discussion of appropriate cat games and inappropriate games. Learn how to play right.
  • Fighting Like Cats and Dogs. Is your multi-species household not coming together as you had hoped? Or maybe you are being proactive BEFORE adding an additional furry family member. In this workshop, learn how to introduce dogs and cats properly. This workshop will cover common behavior issues such as chasing, eating cat poo, barking and proper play between cats and dogs.
  • Natural Cat Care 101 Are you confused by all the cat food commercials and what you read on the internet? Not sure what to feed your cat and how to safely prevent nasty fleas? In this workshop, learn how to naturally care for your cat with the right nutrition, discover natural cat products, and learn fun games and how to groom and provide proper preventive care without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • Using Chinese Medicine Theory In Dog Training Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years. In this workshop, I will explain the basic principles of Chinese Medicine Theory and how they relate to a dog’s behavior. I then will discuss how to integrate these theories into yourDog Training Workshops treatment plan. Diet will be an integral part of this workshop and how it plays a large role in a dog’s behavior and overall health.

“Tonya Wilhelm recently gave a workshop on separation

Tonya Wilhelm provides a variety of #dogtraining, #petnutrition, #catbehavior and #dogentertainment workshops and seminars globally. You can book one of the top ten dog trainers for your conference today. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #conferencespeakers #dogbehaviorspecialist #catspecialist #petnutrionspecialist
Dog Training Workshop and Conference Speaker

anxiety to an audience of dog lovers in the Washington, DC area. We received terrific feedback afterward about how much they had learned, while also enjoying the ease of her presentation. Most were people with dogs who didn’t know what to do about this issue, but even the trainers there stopped to compliment us on having Tonya come from Toledo to speak.” Debra Ekman-Your Dog’s Friend

  • Puppy Workshop Teaching new puppy parents how to start off right with proper games, socialization, potty training, chew training & what to expect during their journey.
  • Treating Separation Anxiety This specialized demo will cover a variety of tools on how to safely leave a dog while introducing a behavior modification program. We will discuss a long-term treatment plan, pheromones & other protocols to assist in separation anxiety.
  • Barking Mad This popular workshop discusses the variety of reasons a dog barks and what they are trying to communicate when they bark. We will discuss different, positive and effective ways to control barking and have a more peaceful and quieter life with our dogs.
  • Running Into An Off-Leash Dog We have all been there before. This workshop will teach you some skills on how to get you and your dog out of some sticky situations with unknown, and maybe not so friendly dogs.
  • Keeping Your Dog Mentally Busy Dogs are such complex creatures and can easily get bored with the same thing day in and day out. In this workshop, we will cover different ways to keep your dog busy by himself (with a little prep from you).
  • Easy And Fun Games To Play With Your Dog Are you tired of the same old games? I bet your dog is. This workshop will teach you and your dog new, safe, and fun games to play together.

“I had the opportunity to work with Tonya Wilhelm when she attended our National Pet Expo in Harrisburg, PA in 2015 as a featured presenter. Tonya was able to offer many informative topics to our patrons and I found her to be very easy to work with and very flexible. I would recommend her as a presenter.”
Denise Parsons President, Equestrian Promotions, Inc.

  • Shy Souls/Fearful Dogs A lack of confidence in dogs can quickly lead to behavioral problems. This workshop will teach you some simple, yet effective skills on how to start a confidence training program for your dog to help improve his coping ability, while strengthening the bond and trust between the two of you.
  • Raising Dogs And Children This workshop will teach you how to provide a well-balanced and harmonious household with both kids and dogs. Miscommunication between dogs and kids can result in chaos and even injury to family members.
  • Ask Tonya (perfect for those wanting to start a career in the dog world).
  • Staff Training: This professional pet training service is customized to meet the pet professional’s needs and goals. Whether you are looking for a few hours of staff training or a weekend long staff training crash course, this option is great for training your animal care employees. Perfect dog behavior training for the veterinary staff, dog kennel staff, dog groomers or dog day care attendees. Customized Topic Samples: Pleasurable vet visits, gentle handling techniques, what and how to teach owners, dog body language, human body language, waiting room set up, low-stress kenneling environment, when to turn away day care clients, and much more.
  • Other Topics, Workshop, and Presentations: I can easily customize a pet care presentation to meet your needs and goals.
Tonya Wilhelm provides a variety of #dogtraining, #petnutrition, #catbehavior and #dogentertainment workshops and seminars globally. You can book one of the top ten dog trainers for your conference today. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #conferencespeakers #dogbehaviorspecialist #catspecialist #petnutrionspecialist
Dog Behavior and Dog Demo Training

Length: Whether you are looking for an hour or an entire weekend seminar, I can work with you on an amazing package. Perfect for a private group, pet expo, staff training, fundraiser or even volunteer training for dog rescue groups or shelters.

What To Expect With All Services: Engaging presentations, reliability, knowledgeable, professionalism, demonstrations, hands-on, educational and science-based. Written materials and some video examples are available depending on the topic presented. Flexibility. Book 1 hour to 3 days!

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