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Are you feeling overwhelmed by your dog or cat’s behavior? Is your dog experiencing behavioral problems such as excessive barking, dog separation anxiety, dog-to-dog reactivity, fearfulness, or noise phobias? Or maybe you are just feeling anxious about all the work involved in changing your pet’s behavior.

If this sounds like your situation, solutions are just an email or phone call away. I am happy to help you and your pet have a better relationship. One built on trust and understanding from both species.

  • Individual Coaching (120-mile radius Toledo, OH) Private dog training consultations/evaluations and one-on-one dog training lessons can help you find an effective solution to behavior problems. Services are offered in your home or via online/email/video. Learn More
  • Alternative to Drop-Off Dog Training (60-mile radius Toledo, OH) These private dog training sessions are quite different from a local board and train dog-training service. Instead of leaving your dog in someone’s care for weeks at a time, your dog will be provided customized and positive (no choke, prong, shock, or scare techniques EVER used) dog-training session to meet your current dog or puppy-training goals. Learn More
  • Phone/Skype Coaching  Too far away from Toledo? Is your pet too shy or reactive to meet new people? Or do you prefer the phone or Skype? I can help you and your dog via phone or Skype. No problem. Learn More
  • Join my Online Community! Raising a dog in a positive and natural way can be very confusing. Say goodbye to feeling alone in your journey. Join me and fellow dog parents for down to earth help, videos, live streams, healthy recipes and so much more. I will help you every step of the way! Prices start at only $3/month! Learn More
  • Cat Behavior Services Trying to find a pet professional to help you with your cat’s behavioral problems can sometimes seem impossible. It’s not common for pet professionals to train cats and most importantly, help cat parents with their cat problems. But I’m here to help you with your cat needs. Learn More
  • Workshops/Public Speaking/Entertainment  Lectures or interactive workshops can be geared towards pet parents, dog professionals, or dog enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a small intimate lecture or a large expo, I can work with you and your team to find the perfect dog, cat, or general pet lecture. Learn More


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