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Tonya Wilhelm is a pet care expert, freelance writer, author and above all a crazy dog Mom who puts her pup Dexter above anything else.

Freelance Pet, Dog, Cat Writers

I am a dog training and pet behavior expert with almost 20 years’ experience, and I have been named one of the top ten dog trainers in the United States. Toledo-born, I have worked my way across the country sharing my passion with thousands of pet parents while dedicating much of my spare time working behind the scenes, pro bono, to help rescue dogs with behavioral problems.

I am a book author, freelance writer, and public speaker, and I travel the USA presenting seminars and promoting positive dog training and cat behavior with a holistic approach. I have helped thousands of pet parents build happy, long-lasting relationships with their pets, using only humane, kind, and positive training methods. I am a frequent blogger and contributor to various magazines. Local clients can choose group dog training classes or private, one-on-one behavioral training. Globally, I provide dog training and cat behavior services via phone and the internet and present workshops at pet expos.

Areas of Expertise

  • Canine Anxiety
  • Puppy DevelopmentNatural Dog Care Writers
  • Home Cooking For Dogs
  • Canine Nutrition
  • Cat Nutrition
  • Dogs and Cats
  • Healthy Living
  • Holistic and Natural Dog Care
  • Fun and Healthy Activities with Dogs
  • Family Friendly Dog Training
  • Public Speaking and Entertainment

I Offer

  • Down To Earth Approach
  • Almost 20 years in the industry
  • Passion about dogs, cats and their health and behavior
  • Articles relevant to your audience

Publication Samples. Please feel free to contact me for more writing and article samples.

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