Dog Diarrhea & Metronidazole Side Effects: Dexter’s Recovery with Canine Rehab (Early access for our Patreon community)

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Dealing with Medication Side Effects and Helping Dexter Recover with Canine Rehabilitation

Dog Diarrhea & Metronidazole Side Effects Is Metronidazole causing weakness in your dog? Dexter's story shows how canine rehab helped him overcome medication side effects and regain mobility. Dog health tips included! #RaisingYourPetsNaturally
Dog Diarrhea & Metronidazole Side Effects

As a dedicated pet parent to Dexter, my top priority is always his health and well-being. So, when he recently had a bout of stubborn diarrhea lasting for two days, it was time to call in his veterinarian. Dexter’s occasional bouts of tummy troubles are typically resolved with homemade dog congee and herbal remedies. However, this time, despite my usual natural remedies, Dexter continued to experience frequent bowel movements, so I took a sample in to his veterinarian.

The diagnosis was mild inflammation in his gut, likely worsened by the discomfort of constant bowel movements. To address this, Dexter’s veterinarian prescribed Metronidazole, a common antibiotic for gastrointestinal issues. I don’t normally reach for medications for Dexter, but I wanted to help his pooping stop.

Unexpected Side Effects with Metronidazole

Within just a day of starting the prescribed medication, Dexter went down in the back. At fourteen years old, Dexter already faced mobility challenges, but the sudden loss of strength in his hind end was alarming. He wasn’t just weak; he was down. Witnessing his struggle to move was heartbreaking, to say the least.

Thankfully, I was prepared for such emergencies and had a Help ’Em Up Harness, which provided assistance helping Dexter go outside to the bathroom and move from point A to B. He was so down in the back that I also helped him by holding up his back end during potty breaks.

I was talking with my friend Lisa, who is in the veterinary field, and she suggested the possibility of adverse reactions to Metronidazole, which led me to discontinue the medication after just two doses. I also immediately set up an appointment with Dexter’s veterinarian for that day.

Dexter’s vet was very reassuring that Dexter had not suffered any major spinal issues or strokes. She was confident he would regain his mobility.

Dexter’s Recovery through Canine Rehabilitation

Dexter was already receiving regular canine rehabilitation visits, about to three times a month, prior to his episode. Thank goodness! It was only a few days before Dexter would see Dr. Sam, his rehabilitation specialist. Dr. Sam tailored an exercise regimen to rebuild his strength and mobility for both his sessions with her and what I would continue at home.

Over the following two months, I was committed to Dexter’s at-home rehabilitation, diligently following Dr. Sam’s guidance. Not only did Dexter receive his regular canine physical therapy, he also received electroacupuncture to aid in his mobility recovery.

A Lesson Learned: Why Staying Alert is Key

I’m thrilled to share that Dexter has made a remarkable and full recovery! Though it was scary and tough, it reminded me to always watch out for and stand up for our pets. I am so thankful for the assistance I received from my friends and Dexter’s professional team. Remember to trust your instincts, and if anything ever seems off with your pet, take immediate action.

Dexter’s resilience and spirit inspire me daily. As Dr. Sam said, “We aren’t going to lose him to a case of diarrhea!” To the moon and back, monkey. To the moon and back.


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Dog Diarrhea & Metronidazole Side Effects: Dexter\'s Recovery with Canine Rehab (Early access for our Patreon community)

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  1. OMG poor Dexter! I was prescribed metronidazole once and I had such a bad reaction to it my husband called an ambulance.

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