Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Sweet Sage Cafe|North Redington Beach, Florida

Dog-Friendly Restaurants: Sweet Sage Cafe|North Redington Beach, Florida

BIG Dog Menu

During our dog-friendly Florida vacation, dog-friendly restaurants were at the top of our list. I mean, we all love to eat, including Dexter The Dog. When planning our dog-friendly vacations, I do a little online research first. I look for restaurants that have outdoor seating, then I hit the email to inquire if they are dog-friendly. Just because a cafe has outdoor seats does not mean they allow dogs. I was tickled to find Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique not only allowed dogs, but catered to them with their own dog menu! I don’t have to tell you that feeding Dexter real food is always the way to go. Scrambled eggs for Dexter all the way.

On our first trip to Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique, (yes, we ate there three times – it was that good), I was impressed by the tranquil and fun outdoor seating area. It was huge and full of such fun and eclectic items. The staff was very friendly, efficient and welcoming. Dexter was greeted with enthusiasm and they brought him his own water bowl as they sat us.

My Monster Mug on Left

While we sipped our fresh coffee and freshly squeezed tangerine juice we chatted with each other about the cute décor. We immediately had to go inside and check out the gift shop, where there was a nice selection of dog-themed gifts. Hmm, maybe I should see if they would like to sell What’s For Dinner, Dexter? I bought a monster dog mug, I just couldn’t resist.

Sweet Sage is open daily from 7-2 with a breakfast and lunch menu. Choosing what to eat each time was a challenge because of all the great menu items. First up, classic French toast and bananas and coconut! Oh, and not too eggie. I LOVE French toast but hate it when they make it so eggie and mushy. This was perfect. I’m hungry just looking at the photo. Next up, was a homemade jumbo muffin. Yum. I love my bakery goods. Last, but certainly not least were these two huge pancakes filled with, you guessed it, bananas and a great sweet sauce. No, I’m not a sugar junkie.

Seriously Great French Toast

At every visit, our food arrived quickly, we were greeted with a smile and well taken care of. The food was hot, fresh and tasty. I really enjoyed the casual and friendly atmosphere at Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique. The dog-friendly atmosphere made this a very welcoming place to eat. The Sweet Sage is a wonderful neighborhood family restaurant that I definitely recommend. So, bring your favorite canine and head over to Sweet Sage Cafe and Boutique. Tell them Dexter The Dog sent you.

Bonding Time, Why Not?

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