Dog Bucket List: 10 REAL Things To Do With Your Dog Before You Die

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Dog Bucket List: 10 REAL Things To Do With Your Dog Before You Die

Dog adventures and bucket list
Dog Bucket List

Being a dog guardian is one of the most rewarding things in life. Unfortunately, the time we have with our dogs is always too short. Spending quality time with your dog is a wonderful way to have a healthy relationship. Don’t let time slip by you – set up time today to do these 10 things before you and your dog die.

1. Go Camping In The Back Yard
We all did this as children, and it’s time to bring your inner child back to life. Set up the tent, grab your dog’s travel bed, water, and favorite treats. Maybe some toasted hot dogs over the fire pit would be a great evening snack. Do your best not to go back inside the house.


2. Have A Professional Photographer Take Photos 
It’s always nice to be able to reminisce about times with our beloved dog. But we aren’t all great at getting a good shot. Hire a professional to get the job done. You can set up a day in your home, their studio, or even on a park walk. You will be happy you did. Click here for tips on how you can get your dog to pose for photos.

Historic things to see with a dog
Plymouth Rock

3. Take A Dog Vacation
No, not just taking your dog on your vacation, but take a dog vacation geared toward the things your dog enjoys. Plan daily adventures for you and your dog. Does he enjoy hiking, swimming or lounging? Research the best dog-friendly destinations and go for it.

Dog Food Cookbook

4. Make Dinner For Two
It’s not “human food;” it’s real food. Grab a couple of lean, organic steaks and toss them on the grill. Meanwhile, roast some sweet potatoes, carrots and celery. What dog or human wouldn’t love that?

5. Take A Boat Ride

Not just any aluminum boat – take a dog-friendly cruise on a sightseeing cruise ship. Call or email around! Many cruises welcome dogs.

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6. Walk Where He Wants
Toss those loose-leash walking skills out the window for the day. Head out to your local park and allow your dog be a dog and sniff. Follow your dog’s nose wherever he wishes and spend as long as he wants sniffing the ground.

7. Dig Up A Vole Hole
Voles are pesky critters that make huge mounds in our yards. Show your dog the prime target, start to dig up the hole yourself, and encourage Fido to join in. Your dog will get a hoot out of digging with you. No worries; when you are done, just push the dirt back into the hole.

8. Get Muddy
Why avoid the mud puddles when you and your dog can jump in? If your dog needs a little encouragement, try tossing his favorite toy over the puddle and he might just race right through.

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9. Enroll In A Fun Group Dog Training Class
Even if Sparky knows his basic behavior cues, signing up for a group dog training class is a great way to bond. See if your local dog training center offers dog trick classes, nose work, or even an outdoor dog adventure class.

Road trip with new puppy
Connect with your dog daily

10. One-On-One Time
When it’s all said and done, if you spent quality time with your dog, you will not regret the things you didn’t do. Take half an hour out of each day to turn off the phone, shut down the computer, and do something with Fluffy. Gentle talking and a nice massage can go a long way.

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What are you going to do next with your dog?  Tell me in the comments.

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