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Dog-Friendly Restaraunt Reviews: Dexter, Michigan: A&W Drive-In

A&W Drive-In
8220 Dexter-Chelsea RD
Dexter, Michigan

Mom and I had some time to spare Wednesday before my dog acupuncture with Dr. Mary. Mom figured she would grab some lunch at a fast food joint so she could eat in the car with me. As she was driving along in Dexter, Michigan, she noticed an A&W Drive-In! As soon as we pulled up, a waitress came right away to our window. Silly Mom was trying to get out because she had to go potty….again! The waitress said they only had a porta potty for guests. Yes, that is for paying guests. Mom placed her order, not thrilled, but she needed to go, so she went. YUCK! Nasty, to say the least. On the way to the porta-potty, the grounds of the A&W were not well kept, with garbage strewn about and a long water hose running across the parking lot and next to our car.

When Mom got back, it wasn’t but a few minutes and the waitress was back with Mom’s food. However,
the car had been getting swarmed by bees! I mean like 10 bees, buzzing around the window and the waitress. So Mom grabbed the food quickly, trying to get it inside the car before one of the many bees got inside. In the rush, the drink spilled all over Mom’s food.

Mom said the food was pretty bad. Of course, I didn’t mind my share of the French fries. But Mom said it got cold very quickly, and she’s not sure the hamburger was actual meat. She said it was pretty gray in color, thin and gristly. Yuck!

We can’t blame A&W Drive-In for the bees, we understand that. But the porta potty, unkempt grounds, and nasty food would be their responsibility. To their credit, the waitress was super nice!

How do you feel about restaurant porta potties?  Tell me in the comments.

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