Atomic Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy Review

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Atomic Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy Review

Dog Toy Reviews
Atomic Treat Ball Review

The Atomic Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy is another dog toy that I’ve had since I was a puppy. This dog toy is meant to hold dry dog food or healthy dog treats for a fun feeding opportunity. I knock it around mostly with my feet, and my healthy dog treats fall out of the top hole. The Atomic Treat Ball has 3 chambers that make the dog food or dog treats come out more slowly, for longer enjoyment and more of a challenge.

Fun interactive dog toys.
I Can’t See!

Sometimes when I’m hungry, I go back to the food-dispensing dog toy and knock it around to see if any more nibbles will fall out. When I’m desperate, I even toss it at my Mom hoping she will put more in it! Doesn’t usually work, though, but I’ll keep trying.

Pros: Tough, dog food dispensing toy, great size, economically priced, easy to clean, variety of sizes
Cons: Doesn’t float, too big for me to catch

Does your dog enjoy interactive dog toys?  Tell me in the comments.

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