Best Dog Travel Crate Review | Safely Traveling with Pets in a Car

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Dog Crate and Travel Crate Review

Soft-sided dog crate
Soft dog crate review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

It’s not new news that I love to travel with Dexter in the car whenever given the chance. Dexter has been my best travel companion ever since he was a puppy. Ever since our first dog-friendly road trip, Dexter has taken his spot in a dog travel crate. Over the years, my dog crate selection has changed depending on our vehicle and space inside.

Chewy reached out to me to test drive one of their products, and I chose the Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate by Frisco. I felt this soft sided crate would be the perfect setup for our road trip to Maine. When choosing a dog travel crate for Dexter, I was looking for one that would easily fit in my small car, yet would accommodate my 30-lb boy and offered ventilation. I ordered the 26 x 20.5 x 20.5 inch crate. The dimensions said for 25 pounds, but the measurements seemed right for Dexter. Please note that this crate is not crash-tested but can prevent distracted driving and will keep your dog or other pet secure while driving.

Collapsible dog crate
Portable dog crate

When our dog travel kennel arrived, it was easy to set up. No tools were required, and it was pretty self-explanatory what went where. I was happy with how roomy the crate actually was. I placed Dexter’s travel bed inside, and there was even more room than Dexter’s previous dog travel carrier.

Best travel carrier for dog
Plenty of headroom

This dog travel crate has three zippered doors, which allows for various placements throughout the car or home. You can also secure the zippers shut with locking clips. There is mesh ventilation on both sides of the crate. One is the full length and height, while the other is ½ the height. I love the fact that the one side is full ventilation. The mesh doors can also be rolled up and secured to stay open.

Dog travel carrier
Clip zippers closed

I’m impressed at the crate quality. Frisco’s Indoor & Outdoor Soft Crate is made with a sturdy steel frame, a water-resistant base, and durable fabric that can be hand-washed. The soft-sided crate is lightweight and features a carrying handle, making this a perfect portable dog crate. When not using the crate, it easily folds for compact storage.

Traveling with dogs in a car
Steel frame

Since I was going to be using the crate for travel, Chewy also sent me the Kurgo Carrier Keeper Strap to help secure the crate in the car. The Carrier Keeper allowed me to strap the crate into the seat belt to help secure the crate and lessen movement on the road. The no-slip adjusters stayed secure through our entire trip to and from Maine.

safely traveling with a dog in the car
Kurgo Carrier Keeper Straps

Frisco’s Indoor & Outdoor Soft Crate has been performing exceptionally well. Our maiden voyage was from Ohio to Maine. We had a great dog-friendly week exploring Maine and getting in and out of the crate. Dexter was dirty, wet, and dry. The zipper has held strong, no tearing spots, and the crate was easy to wipe down.

Dog travel crate
Perfect for traveling

I drove a rental car that had loads of room in the back seat and also air vents in the back. Dexter stayed nice and cool without the need of my portable fan. However, in my car I do not have back seat air vents, so I will likely prop up my portable fan to blow inside the crate and use his cooling mat.

Dog travel kennel
Large ventilation

I have no complaints with the crate and will be switching Dexter’s older dog travel crate out for this new Frisco Indoor & Outdoor Soft Crate. I am very happy with the roominess and overall quality. The soft crate is available in sizes ranging from 21 inches to 42 inches long to accommodate pets up to 85 pounds. All sizes are lightweight and include a carrying handle for easy transport when not in use.

Puppy travel crate
Collapsible dog crate

If you are looking for a quality soft-sided dog crate, I highly recommend checking out Frisco’s Indoor & Outdoor Soft Crate. If you are planning on using the crate as a dog travel crate, don’t forget to order Kurgo’s Carrier Keeper Strap.

Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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Best Dog Travel Crate Review | Safely Traveling with Pets in a Car

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  1. This pet crate looks perfect for traveling with your fur baby! I think we have to get one soon and I will also recommend this to my niece so she can take her beagles with her when she travels.

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  7. It does look like a pretty great crate. I’ve never used one for Oreo before but I feel like he would like having this one for his own space.

  8. Thank you so much for writing this post. One of my closest friends just adopted a puppy and traveling with the little guy was a concern. Now that I’ve read this, I can provide insight for my friend!

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