Bloated Cat: Do Cats Get Bloat like Dogs?

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Cat Bloated Stomach

Do Cats Get Bloat?

Is your cat bloated or do you know a bloated cat? Do Cats Get Bloat like Dogs? #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Do Cats Get Bloat?

Recently, my mom asked me if cats can get bloat and die like dogs. Before I go into my findings, I want to explain what we were referring to when talking about dog bloat vs. cat bloat. When the phrase dog bloat is used, it is typically referring to gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) which can be deadly for dogs. Bloat in dogs typically occurs with large breed, large-chested dogs during eating. When a dog eats too quickly, or eats at an improper angle for his body, gas and pressure start to build and become trapped inside. The stomach then begins to swell, which can cause a variety of medical conditions including rupture of the stomach wall, leading to death. So, my Mom’s question was if this could happen to cats.

I wasn’t sure on the answer to this question, though I never recalled it happening while I worked in a veterinary hospital, or my 20 years in the pet care industry. So I asked a few veterinary professionals if they experienced GDV in cats.

Dr. Taylor Truitt from The Vet Set said, “If we’re talking about cats, GDV is exceptionally rare.” A few more veterinarians replied that GVD does not happen in cats. Dr. Truitt did offer a few other reasons why a cat may have a bloated stomach. “A cat may be experiencing intestinal parasites, FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), liver failure, cancer, intestinal foreign bodies, or pregnancy. So, if you have a bloated cat, please take your cat into your veterinarian; however, it is unlikely he has GDV.”

What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

Is your cat bloated or do you know a bloated cat? Do Cats Get Bloat like Dogs? #raisingyourpetsnaturally
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28 thoughts on “Bloated Cat: Do Cats Get Bloat like Dogs?

  1. That’s one less thing for cat owners to worry about! I’ve asked vets about it because Mr. N likes to play right after he eats but they say he should be fine due to his build and size.

  2. We sadly had a foster cat with FIP and one of her symptoms was a very bloated belly. Tragically, she didn’t make it. I’m glad cats don’t suffer from bloat like dogs, but you are right, still something to get checked out.

  3. I’m learning something new today. I never owned a dog , only cats , so I never heard of dog bloat. How scary! Thanks for this informative post.

  4. So important to check with your vet if you notice your cat or dog is bloated. Good to eliminate one scary cause with cats. Kilo gobbles his food so I make him work for a lot of it in tiny increments through the day and put his bowl up on a step or use a special bowl for flat faces for his small breakfast and dinner. He does usually like to go for a walk and play right after eating. Hopefully, he won’t have a problem.

  5. I won’t pretend I know anything about cats. I imagine they can get bloat (the distention part of the problem), I don’t know enough about their anatomy to assess whether their stomach could also twist on itself or not. Never heard of that happening, though.

  6. I read of bloat killing dogs and the heartbreak and expense. There are enough things that go wrong with cats already so bloat would have been too much – its scary!!

  7. wow… you made me look up bloat in dogs. I have had dogs my entire life and never seen it. Lucky I guess.

  8. Interesting thought! As a cat owner, I have never heard of any cats getting bloat. The only time I would really worry about this with cats would be if they are young kittens being nursed by humans. Sometimes people try to feed kittens in a position similar to a human baby. Of course, the correct position would be belly down, like they would eat normally. Cats are a bit different than dogs when it comes to eating. Cats are picky and particular about things. Sometimes they eat too fast, but they throw it right back up if they do that.

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