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Fun Cat Games and Cat Play

How to Play with Your Cat

How to Play with a Cat. Learn how cat games and cat play is an important part of your cat's life. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Cat games and play

Cat Play Isn’t Just for Kittens. Cats are fascinating creatures. Most cats adapt pretty well to a sedentary lifestyle, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy the mental stimulation of a good play session. Obesity in pets, especially cats, is a big issue these days. Proper kitty exercise and play is a great way to not only bond with your cat, but also to help your cat stay lean and fit. As a bonus to good cat play and games, you will be improving his quality of life and may even add years to his life. Now, that’s some serious business!

But inappropriate cat play and games can lead to bad behavior and even cat biting or scratching. After all, your cute little kitty is really a wild tiger inside. Cat games and play revolve around a cat’s natural instincts of stalking, chasing, killing, and eating. This is why playing too roughly with your cat, or using your hands as toys, can lead to injury to you and confusion for your cat.

Safety First

When looking for fun and engaging cat toys, it’s important to look closely at the toy and think about your cat’s safety. Are there any pieces that can easily come off, such as eyes, bells, or strings? Every cat is different in the way he plays and chews cat toys, so it’s important to know your cat before leaving him home alone with a toy. Long strings hanging from furniture or lying around on the floor can become a choking or strangling hazard, so use these with extreme caution and supervision.

Dogs and Cat Considerations

Size does matter. If you have a dog and your cat’s ball is small enough for your dog to swallow, do not leave this toy alone. If at all possible, it’s a great idea to have a room dedicated to your cat that the dog cannot access. This is a perfect place to keep small cat toys or even to engage your cat in uninterrupted cat play.

Best Cat Play Toys

Cat toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As you can imagine, every cat has his own favorites and go-to toys. Think about how a cat plays. Cats play like they are hunting. They stalk, chase, bat, kill, and eat. Watch and engage your cat in games and play and see what he likes, then double-check the safety of each toy after play sessions.

How to Play with a Cat

Pick your cat’s favorite interactive cat toy. An interactive cat toy is something you have control over, such as a cat wand. In order to help your cat think this fake toy is actually worth his energy, think about a cat’s natural predatory behavior. Now, it’s your job to make this cat toy turn into a live, moving prey object. Be one with the toy. Make the toy move in erratic ways, working at inciting your cat’s predatory instincts. A good game of cat play includes hunting, catching, killing, and eating.

How to Play with a Cat. Learn how cat games and cat play is an important part of your cat's life. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Notice the licking behavior

Eating the Catch

The hunting ritual usually has an ending: the kill and eat. No, I don’t want your cat to eat his toys, but if you provide him with a protein-rich treat or cat food after a game, this will help your cat have an end game. Some cats that do not have closure to their play sessions will take out their frustrations on other family members in the home. By providing an end reward, you are teaching your cat the game is over, and he should be satisfied with his amazing kill.

How to Play with a Cat. Learn how cat games and cat play is an important part of your cat's life. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
End game

Playing with your cat daily is a wonderful way to bond with your cat, and assists in preventing and changing behavioral problems. You don’t have to have hours a day to do it, just spend a few minutes a couple times a day for some good old-fashioned cat play, and you and your kitty will not only be strengthening your bond, but you’ll also be improving your cat’s health.

Watch some cats in action.

How often do you play with your cat? Tell me in the comments.

How to Play with a Cat. Learn how cat games and cat play is an important part of your cat's life. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #catgames #catplay #cattoys
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