Dog-Friendly Vacations: Dog-Friendly Frankenmuth, Michigan

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Dog-Friendly Vacations: Dog-Friendly Frankenmuth, Michigan

Dog Friendly Trips
Dog-Friendly Vacations: Frankenmuth, MI

Dog-Friendly Frankenmuth-Where we visited on this trips to Frankenmuth-Buckeye Dock Dogs, Doggie Dash De Lure, Disc Dogs Of Michigan, Bavarian Belle Riverboat, Frankenmuth River Shops (Your Name Here, Hello Cats & Dogs, For Bare Feet, Face Flair & Cass River Bar & Grill)

Dexter & his friends

Our dog-friendly trips to Frankenmuth, Michigan started in 2010 at our first Dog Bowl. All I can say is WOW! When I was planning a dog-friendly day trip with Dexter The Dog, I had no idea the magnitude of this event. It was amazing and continues to be a yearly adventure for Dexter and me.

The Frankenmuth Dog Bowl boasts that they’re a free dog-friendly and family-friendly event, and they make good on that boast. The outdoor vendors fill what was once open fields with lots of fun dog gifts, activities, and family fun. Spectators can enjoy watching dog sports such as dock diving, lure coursing, disc dogs, agility, rally, and even sheep herding.

Lure Course

But don’t worry, some of the events you can even try for yourself. Dexter The Dog tried his hand at Buckeye Dock Dogs booth. Well, we’ll just say he went down the ramp to retrieve his toy but didn’t get his feet wet. We, of course, said hello to our friends at Disc Dogs Of Michigan (they taught Dex how to catch the disc as a pup).  The Doggie Dash De Lure, on the other hand, was a real hit with Dexter! You can even say he became a bit obsessive over the venue. We picked up a great caricature from Face Flair that is still hanging above my bed.

The Frankenmuth Dog Bowl is typically held at the end of May, and as you may know, May in Michigan can either be cold or hot! Each year it’s a toss-up on what the weather will be like. But either way, it’s on our dog-friendly guide every year! On those hot years, Dexter and the other dogs enjoy wading in the water features throughout the shop area. They really are lovely. It’s not uncommon to see a person or two taking their shoes off to wade in the water with their dogs.

Cooling Off

If you are still looking to get out of the outdoor elements, a lot of the Frankenmuth River Shops are dog-friendly! Some of the dog-friendly stores even have a paw-print sign in the window indicating that well-behaved dogs are welcome inside. And don’t forget, just because there isn’t a paw, doesn’t mean you can’t ask if your dog can come in.

My biggest surprise is that Cass River Bar & Grill which is located inside the River Place Shops allowed dogs during the event. I’m unsure if this is an everyday occurrence, or just during the Dog Bowl weekend. I kept it pretty simple and just got a hot dog & drink. Pretty nice dog, too. Hot and plump. Yum.

Our dog-friendly shopping included Your Name Here, Hello Cats & Dogs and For Bare Feet. Everyone at these stores has been extremely nice and welcoming to Dexter and me.

We always like to take a ride on the Bavarian Belle RiverboatDexter The Dog really enjoys boat rides. The Captain and crew are super nice and have quite the sense of humor. It’s a relaxing and educational boat ride. Family-friendly and dog-friendly too! A must-do if you have the time. The Bavarian Belle Riverboat is always welcoming to well-behaved dogs.

Our dog-friendly trip to Frankenmuth is always a blast! Dexter & I can’t wait to visit again in the spring.
We’ll update this post if we experience any new fun dog-friendly stores or activities.
Watch our winter adventure in Frankenmuth~!


Dexter The Dog & Tonya

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  1. Aww, I may actually be in the area this year when this event is on – I will be checking it out for sure!

  2. I have yet to be able to take my dog on a vacation with me, as I normally leave him with a family member. I love knowing there is somewhere I can take him that is dog friendly and still fun!

  3. Isn’t that dog cute? Love the dog bowl idea, it should happen in every country. People even get to network with others and get to play with dogs rather than just dog convention.

  4. Dog sports must be so awesome to watch! I’d love to see dogs sheep herding because that’s such a new thing to me! Dexter must be so good at it because of how you’ve nurtured your pet, right?

  5. Dogs really do become members of the family. We have cats right now but I do remember my beagle Zack and wanting to bring him on every family vacation so I can definitely appreciate finding dog friendly vacation spots!

  6. How cool I have always wanted to visit Michigan now that I know is pet-friendly I will consider bringing my dog for vacation too. It is hard to leave her at home. Prefer to take her with me when possible.

  7. It makes me feel uplifted whenever there are events or places meant for people and pets. That connection is just beautiful. I am pretty sure dogs are into this

  8. It is good to hear about these kind of place which is dog friendly where our fur babies can enjoy strolling around and visit. Your dog looks absolutely adorable!

  9. Great to know, my mother in law has a dog and love to travel with him, is so good there are more and more vacation spots for families with pets.

  10. I’m from Michigan but have never shown my husband Frankenmuth! And we have a German shepherd 🙂 Definitely worth a visit to share 🙂 xo, Suzanne

  11. I’m planning on taking my doggo this weekend, are there places for dogs to go to the bathroom?

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