Dog-Friendly Historic New Castle, Delaware | Things To Do in New Castle with a Dog

Pet-Friendly Wilmington, Delaware Area pt. 3, Dog-Friendly New Castle, Delaware

Historic New Castle Travel Guide
Dog-Friendly Historic New Castle, Delaware


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After our dog-friendly day in Wilmington, Delaware, we were ready for a new adventure. We thought it would be fun to check out Carousel Bark Park. This dog park is very different from any dog park I’ve seen to date. It’s a large open field next to a pond that is accessible by ramps. The park is not fenced in, so you need to be very confident that your dog has a reliable recall. I was amazed at how large an area was dedicated to off-leash dog play. After checking out the park, we headed to Historic New Castle, Delaware with the dogs. It’s always fun when I can get a little history lesson in the company of my favorite canine, Dexter.

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Travel ideas with a dog

Delaware dog parks
Carousel Bark Park

When we arrived in New Castle, I felt like I was transformed back in time. To be able to visit our First State was going to be such a great experience. New Castle was the original capital of Delaware and the site where William Penn landed in America. Delaware was part of Pennsylvania until they separated. The cobblestone streets were so unique and very authentic as we drove through this charming town and looked at the stately townhomes. The architecture of the historic buildings and estates was breathtaking.

Pet friendly travel guide delaware
Dog-friendly Historic New Castle, DE
Delaware Travel Guide for Dogs
Historic New Castle, Delaware

Chris and I strolled the dogs along the streets of Historic New Castle. We were fascinated with the Immanuel Episcopal Church on the Green. This historic church is located in the town common area. The church was founded in 1689 and is one of the oldest Episcopal parishes in the United States. Parishioners have been worshipping in this church for over 325 years. 

Things to do in Delaware with a dog
Old railroad ticket office
Battery Park, New Castle
Battery Park

Our historic stroll through New Castle, led us to Battery Park along the Delaware River. Of, course it did. Dexter loves the smell of a good body of water. I’m certain it’s because of all the wildlife that thrives in and around a shoreline.

What to do in Delaware with your dog
Historic New Castle, Delaware

This scenic paved walkway was teeming with walkers, runners, cyclists, and people out walking their dogs. Obviously, Dexter isn’t the only one who enjoys a good walk along the Delaware River. The walk was nicely maintained, with lots of grassy areas for the dogs to sniff and seating spots to allow you to stop and just watch all the great birds flying about the shoreline.

Pet-friendly new castle, delaware
Dog-friendly Historic New Castle, Delaware

I feel very fortunate that I was able to spend a couple of hours in such a preserved colonial town. If you are looking for a picturesque and historic place to take your dog or family, you should visit Historic New Castle, Delaware.

When planning your pet-friendly Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley vacation, visit the Greater Wilmington Convention & Visitors Bureau to help plan the perfect trip.

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Dog-Friendly Historic New Castle, Delaware | Things To Do in New Castle with a Dog

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