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Dog-Friendly Activities in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Pet friendly Plymouth
Plymouth, MA

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Angel Nutter

After our dog-friendly trip to New Hampshire, we headed to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Our New England dog-friendly road trip would not be complete without spending a couple of days and nights in “America’s Hometown.”

My stepdad loves history, and he was really looking forward to visiting Plymouth’s iconic landmarks and learning more about its native history. I was looking forward to spending time on the waterfront watching the ships go by and eating some great food. And Dexter? Dexter was up for whatever adventure lay ahead.

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Dog-Friendly Things to do in Plymouth Massachusetts

Our first dog-friendly activity was visiting The Plimoth Grist Mill. The Plimoth Grist Mill is dog-friendly on the outside grounds, but not indoors. The grounds were immaculate and perfect for some great photo opportunities. The mill is a reproduction of a 1636 mill built by the Pilgrims in Plymouth Colony. Outside we were able to see the large water-powered corn grinding mill.

Pet-friendly New England
The Plimoth Grist Mill
Plymouth Attractions
Pet-friendly attractions in Plymouth, MA

Inside the Plimoth Grist Mill you can learn about the history of the original mill that once stood on the same site as the reconstructed mill. The history of the mill also discusses how it burned down in 1837 and was rebuilt in 1970. Many of the parts (the stones, spindle, and stone furniture) are from the early 1800s and were salvaged from a mill near Philadelphia, PA.

Things to do in MA with a dog
Gift shop

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Plymouth, Massachusetts

After our visit to Plimoth Grist Mill, we headed to Bramhall’s Country Store for lunch. Bramhall’s isn’t your average pet-friendly restaurant. Bramhall’s Country Store is rooted in a long history. Bramhall’s was founded in 1828 by the great-great-great-great grandfather of the store’s present-day owners.

Outside dog friendly dining
Dog-friendly Bramhall’s Country Store

Upon our arrival, I was immediately struck by the welcoming atmosphere. Families were coming and going, including the family dogs. Bramhall’s is more than a restaurant. There is an outbuilding set up like a store with local produce, meats, flowers, honey, and more. There are an abundance of outside picnic tables under large shade trees, and they even have the live-lobster tank outside for people to pick their own lobsters!

Outdoor seating that is dog friendly
Family friendly restaurants in Plymouth,. MA

We ordered our food from the walkup window and were able to take our lunch inside since it was separate from the kitchen and serving area. The inside seating area was like a step back in time. There were plenty of historical artifacts on the walls and in display cases. It had a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Pet-friendly cafes in Massachusetts
Indoor dining

This pet-friendly restaurant is known for three staples: lobster rolls, local corn, and Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Ed couldn’t pass up their famous lobster roll. This mouthwatering roll was not full of mayonnaise or filler, it was chock-full of fresh, chilled Plymouth lobster chunks. 1/4 lb. to be exact. This fresh lobster roll had a little mayo, salt, and pepper on a grilled New England bun. Ed said it was the best lobster roll he had ever had. To this day, he’s still talking about how good it was.

Outside dog friendly patios ma
Fresh, local lobster

My mom loves her tacos. She ordered The Puritan tacos. These tasty tacos were filled with grass-fed Plymouth beef, Atwell’s Gold cheese, and native organic tomato, with a spring mix and micro cilantro on homemade organic corn masa tortillas
. She was thrilled with how fresh and tasty they were.

Best outdoor restaurants in Plymouth
Outstanding quality and taste

I was looking for a little comfort food. A grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup were in order. It may have been a simple dish, but the taste was far from ordinary. This grilled cheese was made with local Havarti cheese on hearth levain bread. The soup was made with their own heirloom tomatoes and local organic tomatoes with sautéed garlic and onions. Yes, it was that good! Lunch wouldn’t have been complete without a couple of ice cream smoothies to wash it all down with.

Dog-Friendly Places in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Things to do with a dog in Plymouth
National Monument to the Forefathers

After our bellies were full, it was time to walk it off. Next on our Plymouth itinerary was the National Monument to the Forefathers. This dog-friendly historical attraction was awe-inspiring. The 81-foot-tall granite statue was built to honor the passengers of the Mayflower. The engraved figures represent Faith, Morality, Education, Law, and Liberty. There is a large inscribed dedication on the monument that reads, National Monument to the Forefathers. Erected by a grateful people in remembrance of their labors, sacrifices and sufferings for the cause of civil and religious liberty. This outside monument is open to the public, including leashed dogs.

Dog-friendly historical tours
Plymouth, MA Landmarks

Dog-Friendly Beaches in Plymouth, Massachusetts

The beach was calling Dexter. Dexter was ready to get his toes sandy and his feet wet. Plymouth Long Beach is a barrier beach approximately three miles in length, which is broken up into various zones. One zone allows leashed dogs under control of their owners all year, while the other zones allow dogs from October 1 to March 31st. Since we were visiting in October, Dexter was allowed to enjoy all parts of the beach on his leash.

Beaches in Plymouth that allow dogs
Beaches in Plymouth

This dog beach on the Plymouth harbor is an important habitat and wetlands for wildlife, including shorebirds. While we were visiting, the shorebirds were plentiful, and quite large! Walking the beach along Plymouth Bay was definitely one of Dexter’s favorite activities. The salty air and all the beach smells do something positive to Dexter’s psyche. Alas, it was time for us to check into our dog-friendly hotel.

Beaches that dogs can walk
Dog-friendly beaches

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Plymouth, Massachusetts

We were staying at the dog-friendly Hampton Inn and Suites Plymouth. We stayed in a spacious room with two queen beds. This bright-and-clean room featured a large desk, free Wi-Fi, coffeemaker, mini refrigerator, LCD HDTV, ironing board, and a spacious bathroom with a curved shower rod for added space.

Dog-friendly New England hotels
Pet-friendly Plymouth, MA hotels

Our pet-friendly room was very relaxing, and we had plenty of space for all of our belongings. Dexter and the family crashed while I went around the hotel looking at all the great hotel amenities. The hotel had an indoor pool, a great way to unwind after a full day of sightseeing. If you are looking to keep up with your exercise regime, you can work out on the state-of-the-art exercise equipment in the hotel’s fitness center. There was a market area for grab-and-go foods and a 24-hour coffee station. But I was eyeing the complimentary hot breakfast area. I would have to wait until morning to see what kinds of hot foods they offered.

Dog-friendly hotel in New England
Pet-friendly hotels in Mass
Traveling with a dog
Dog-friendly Massachusetts hotels

Complimentary Hot Breakfast

After a refreshing night’s sleep, I was ready to dive into the Hampton Inn and Suite’s complimentary hot breakfast. I’m happy when any hotel offers a complimentary hot breakfast, but the word on the street was that this was going to be a great selection of breakfast foods. When I walked into the nicely set-up breakfast buffet, I was immediately impressed.

Best hotels that allow dogs
Hot, complimentary breakfast

This hotel breakfast had a huge selection of foods, such as fresh fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, pastries, a waffle station, eggs, and breakfast meats. The attendant was right on the mark with keeping the foods filled, fresh, and hot. Thumbs up for sure!

Dog-Friendly Plymouth, Massachusetts Shopping and Sights

After breakfast, we headed to Brewster Gardens for a nice, leisurely stroll. Not only was this park a treat to walk through, it has some real history behind it. Created in the early 1920s, the park covers the original garden plot that was granted to Elder William Brewster in 1620. Throughout the beautiful walking paths, you will see sculptures honoring some of Plymouth’s early settlers.

Plymouth, MA parks
Dog-friendly Brewster Gardens

The Pilgrim Maiden by Henry Hudson Kitson (1922) and a stainless steel sculpture honoring Plymouth’s immigrant settlers from 1700 to 2000, The Immigrant Memorial by artist Barney Zeitz (2001) where two sculptures in the gardens. Even if history isn’t your cup of tea, the gardens’ landscaping with the Town Brook stream running through it, makes for a great walk.

Best dog friendly towns in New England
Things to see in Plymouth with a dog

You didn’t think we’d forget to visit the iconic Plymouth Rock, did you? Heck, no. Plymouth Rock is located in Pilgrim Memorial State Park, along the shore of Plymouth Harbor. There have been numerous stories circling around this famous landmark. The most frequent tale is that Plymouth Rock was the actual steppingstone to the New World. Whatever you believe, this glacial boulder is an American icon and, to many, represents freedom.

Historic things to see with a dog
Plymouth Rock

After some photo opportunities of Dexter next to Plymouth Rock, we walked along Plymouth’s Harbor. It was pleasant to watch the working boats dredge the harbor, and we even saw some lobster boats. Across the street from the park were a variety of souvenir shops and restaurants. We spent some time shopping, and Dexter was welcome inside most stores. The key to traveling with a well-behaved dog is to ask shop owners if they can come inside. I find that most say yes.

The Plymouth Scallop Roll

You may have noticed a few photos of some unique fiberglass scallops throughout this post. These 5-foot tall hand-painted works of art feature 29 custom scallop shells placed throughout Plymouth. You can pick up your own Scallop Roll map at the Waterfront Visitor Information Center on 130 Water Street (open April through November) or at The Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce. It’s quite a fun way to explore the area.

Dog-friendly tours
Unique sights in Plymouth, MA

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Plymouth, Massachusetts

For lunch, we headed to Three V Restaurant, which has an outside dog-friendly patio. The large dog-friendly patio offered plenty of space for Dexter in a warm and inviting atmosphere. I was in the mood for a good cheeseburger, so I ordered the Prohibition Burger. This 8 oz. patty was cooked to perfection and smothered with Vermont cheddar cheese. Topped with bacon, onions, lettuce, and roasted garlic aioli and nestled within a toasted brioche bun, this was one of the best cheeseburgers I’ve had. There’s something to be said about a good cut of meat and good cheese. Curly fries and fresh pickles finished off this delicious dish.

Best places to eat in Plymouth
Pet-friendly Plymouth, MA

Three V doesn’t just allow dogs, they embrace them with their own doggie menu, including locally made dog treats.

Dog-Friendly Plymouth, Massachusetts

It’s hard to believe all the fun, dog-friendly things that we were able to do and see in Plymouth, MA in just two days. This dog-friendly New England destination is a place I’d definitely like to visit again.

Plymouth, Harbor
Pet-friendly Plymouth, MA waterfront

When you are planning your pet-friendly Plymouth road trip, be sure to contact Destination Plymouth to help you plan the perfect road trip.

Do you travel with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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Dog-Friendly Plymouth, Massachusetts | Dog-Friendly Vacations New England Fall Trip

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