How to Train Your Dog or Puppy to Go Potty on Cue | Dog Potty Training Tips (Early access for our Patreon community)

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Potty Training on Cue

Dog potty training tips
Teach your dog to go potty on cue using these helpful tips.

As a professional dog trainer, and former service dog trainer, I know how beneficial it can be if our dogs know how to potty on cue. Imagine being able to take your dog outside just before the rainstorm and ask him to pee and poo, and he does! This handy behavior isn’t just great for potty training your dog, but is so convenient in everyday life. Granted, if your dog does not have to eliminate, he’s not going to muster up a poop.

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The keys to teaching your dog to eliminate on cue are good management, timing and your reward. By associating a word for peeing and a separate word for defecating, you can start to teach your dog to do either when requested. Here’s how to get started.

Tips to Teach Your Dog to Pee and Poop on Cue

The best time to start to teach your puppy or adult dog to potty on cue is in the morning when he first wakes up. Grab a handful of healthy and tasty treats, leash up your dog, and head outside, ideally to your dog’s favorite potty spot.

Hang there with your dog; allow him to navigate within his 6’ leash. Don’t go for a walk or sniff around the yard too much. You want to stay close and focused.

Pay close attention to your dog’s body language. Subtle cues like sniffing, circling, or getting ready to squat are often signs your dog is about to pee. Right when you see one of these signs, say your pee cue, “Go potty,” and wait. It might take your pup a moment, and as soon as he starts to potty, smile and, right at the end, say, “YES!” and reward. Be careful not to reward too quickly, as this may stop your dog from peeing.

If your dog usually poops next, do the same thing. As soon as you see the sign he’s going to go, say his poop word, “Go poop-poop,” smile, and reward when he’s done.

Now, that he’s peed and pooped, you have the next reward, going for a walk, sniffing around the yard, a little yard play, or something fun outside. If your dog enjoys being outside, it’s important not to rush him indoors after his potty, or he’ll start to not want to potty, because he doesn’t want to come inside.

Repeat this process when taking your dog outside. Even if you plan on going for a walk, do the pee routine first, reward then walk. Do you see how this is going to double up on his reward? Food then walk? It also will start to teach him to potty faster because he wants the rewards. This is a good thing.

Once your dog has mastered eliminating on cue in the designated area, it’s time to take it on the road…or walk. Practice in different environments, such as the park or during walks. This helps generalize the behavior to various situations. Don’t forget, if he doesn’t have to potty, he won’t, so don’t get crazy.

This valuable potty-training routine will make potty training easier, not to mention you can get those last minute potty breaks in before bad weather or during pit stops when traveling.

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Does your dog potty on cue?

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How to Train Your Dog or Puppy to Go Potty on Cue | Dog Potty Training Tips (Early access for our Patreon community)