Getting a Second Dog-Should You? Things to Consider When You are Thinking about Adopting a Second Dog

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Getting a Second Dog–Should You?

Adopting a Second Dog

Getting a second dog. Should you? Here are some things to consider when adding or adopting a second dog. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
Friends-Dexter and Levi


Should I Get a Second Dog?

I’m often asked, “should I get a second dog?” This is a big decision and commitment, and very personal to your own home and situation. I am in no position to tell you getting a second dog is a good or bad idea. What I will do today is provide a few questions you might ask yourself prior to adding a second dog, aka family member.

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Four Things You Should Consider Before Adopting a Second Dog

  1. Your Current Dog: Do you think your current dog wants another doggie friend? Is your current dog well-socialized with other dogs? Does he enjoy other dogs? Is he a player? How old is your current dog? What’s his medical condition? Will your current dog’s age or medical condition play a role in how he would act with a new dog?
  2. Your Time: Bringing a second dog into your home isn’t always less training time, but more. A lot of times people think if they add an additional dog or buddy for their first dog, that they take the pressure off themselves. That’s not typically the case. Most dogs want human time, not dog time. Dog training is about teaching your dog.
  3. Financial Commitment: Vet bills, dog toys, dog grooming supplies, dog boarding, dog training… it all will double with a second dog.
  4. 100% Supported by All Human Family Members: Getting a second dog is a huge family decision. The last thing you want to do is to have one family member angry about the additional dog, chores, or expenses.

Adding a second dog into your home can be a wonderful experience for all involved. I just advise everyone to sit down and have an open and realistic conversation first. 🙂 For more dog-to-dog match-making tips, watch my video, Should You Get a Second Dog above. I also offer private in-home or phone/Skype sessions if you need help with matchmaking.

How many dogs do you have? Tell me in the comments.

Getting a second dog. Should you? Here are some things to consider when adding or adopting a second dog. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #gettingaseconddog #twodogs #dogtraining #positivedogtraining #trainingtwodogs
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