Holidays For Dogs & Cats 2009

When I arrived at my new home, I was shown to a big toy box filled with lots of toys and dog chews.  I had 3 big, soft dog beds around the house to jump in and hide deep inside the cushions. I couldn’t believe all this was mine!
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Puppy Fun

Then I saw them.  2 other animals that I’ve never seen before.  They seemed pretty neat and friendly and went by the name of Nutter the Cat and Cookie.  Cookie and I became friends right away.  Nutter needed some time to adjust to my silly puppy rantings.

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Best cat and dog friends.
 I now call Tonya “Mom.”  It’s so much fun being with her. I had a wonderful Holiday Season filled with new toys and new friends.  I was told that my Mom’s computer had a melt-down and we lost some of our photos.  🙁  So, I will just have to rely on my wonderful memory and the video clips we have. Thank goodness for our Youtube Channel!


Does your dog or cat have a favorite memory?  Tell me in the comments.

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