Natural Dog Chew Review: Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin Review

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Natural Dog Chew Review: Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin Review

Honest Kitchen Beams Fish Treat Review
Honest Kitchen Beams Fish Treat Review

The Honest Kitchen was kind enough to send me a package of their Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin Chew Dog Treats. Believe me when I tell you I am a very happy dog right about now! These super tasty dog chews rocked my world. When the delivery man arrived, I was super excited and wanted Mom to open the box much faster than she was doing!

When Mom finally opened the package of Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin Chew Dog Treats, she still was moving too slowly. I was trying to be as patient with her as I possibly could, but she was making it difficult. She can be so rude, making me pose for photos before letting me sink my teeth into that oh, so flavorful dog chew I knew was right there in the box. After all, I have a good sniffer and I could smell the yumminess.

Honest Kitchen Dog Treat Reviews
Yes, Please.

She finally opened the box of chews and let me have one. I swiped it out of her hand so fast, and went as far away from her as possible. I didn’t want to take a chance that she would take it back. I took a couple of minutes to figure out what was going to be the best chewing strategy. First, I stood it upright and wedged the chew between the deck boards so it didn’t move. I’m pretty smart that way. Then I decided to lie down in the sun and take a chew. Mom put my snood on so that I wouldn’t chew on my ears. Oh, and chew I did! It was so unbelievably tasty. I was in heaven. Chomp, chomp, chomp. I pulled at it and gnawed it. I couldn’t go wrong with this soft and chewy dog treat. It lasted about 20 minutes before I chewed up the last of it.

Mom usually doesn’t let me swallow pieces of chews, but this one got nice and soft, and to be honest, she wasn’t looking. But no harm done. No choking or gagging.

The Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin didn’t even leave any scales! I’ve had other fish skin dog treats and they left scales. Mom never minds, but said it was a bonus that it was a clean dog chew. But after I finished my Beams chew, I wasn’t done. I wanted more! I raced around and sniffed out where Mom stashed them and started pawing the cabinet. That’s right, no manners. I wanted more. Mom had to put the box in the freezer so I would leave it alone. Oh, well. Hopefully, she’ll give me another one tomorrow.

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Fish Treats and No Scales

The Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin not only tastes divine, it is also a healthy dog treat. Beams are made from pure, wild-caught Atlantic Catfish skins, from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, dried into savory, chewy sticks. Beams are an excellent source of lean protein, and fish is an excellent treat for dogs who have sensitivities to more common protein sources. They’re also lower fat and are a good source of Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

Honest Kitchen Beams Catfish Skin Chew Dog Treats are a complete paws up, and up, and up!

Pros: 100% wild-caught Icelandic catfish skin and nothing else, long lasting for an edible dog chew, did not leave scales, healthy snack, very enjoyable, can be cut with scissors for training treats or for smaller dogs.
Cons: Can’t really think of any.

Does your dog enjoy a good chew or fish skin? Tell me in the comments.


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