How Kids Should Greet Dogs

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Kids and Dogs, Children and Dogs

How Kids Should Greet and Pet Dogs

Kids and dogs can be amazing friends. Learn how to teach your child to greet, pet and say hello to dogs. #raisingyourpetsnaturally
How kids should greet dogs

Two of my personal favorite things in life are dogs and kids. I know some of you may think I’m nuts, but I truly adore a good relationship between these two playful creatures. A relationship with our family dog can be one of our fondest childhood memories, I know it was mine. But it can also be a memory of stress, anxiety, injury, or even fatality. I will write a post or two in the future on how to actively supervise your children with dogs, and yes, they need you to actively engage in this relationship. But for now, let’s talk about teaching your children how to greet and possibly pet a dog. Click this post if you want to learn tips on how adults should greet dogs.

  1. No running. Walk up to the dog’s owner and stop about 5′ away and ask if you can pet their dog. Look at the owner when you ask and wait for the answer. Sometimes the answer is no. Not all dogs like to be petted, and some dogs even have injuries where petting hurts.
  2. If the owner says, “yes” ask what the dog’s name is before petting. Calmly say the dog’s name and quietly tap your outside leg and say “Hi, Dexter (insert the dog’s name).” You want the dog to come up to you; don’t rush up to the dog.
  3. If the dog comes up to you, gently pet under the dog’s chin, chest, and side area. If the dog moves away at any time, do not follow him; ask him to come back for more petting. If he doesn’t come back, he no longer wishes to be petted.
  4. When you are finished petting, thank the dog owner and quietly walk away (don’t run).
  5. Great Job! You made one dog very happy today for being such a gentleman or young lady.

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  • Don’t approach any dog who isn’t accompanied by an adult.
  • If the dog is barking or jumping around, do not approach. Walk calmly away.
  • Don’t put your face in a dog’s face.
  • Don’t approach a dog while he is eating or chewing a toy.

Do you remind your child how to be polite around dogs?  Tell me in the comments.

Kids and dogs can be amazing friends. Learn how to teach your child to greet, pet and say hello to dogs. #raisingyourpetsnaturally #kidsanddogs #childrenanddogs #dogsandkids
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Raising kids and dogs
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5 thoughts on “How Kids Should Greet Dogs

  1. Very important tips! I can’t tell you how many times a child has come bounding up to my Husky and just starting petting her – touching her head, face, and snout before I can jump in to stop them. I recently also learned to ask the kid if their parent (or guardian with them) has said it was ok to pet a strange dog. I had a Mom freak out recently because their kid came running over and started petting my dog without asking. She was actually mad at ME! I suggested she teach her child to always ask her if it is ok to go up to a strange dog and to also then ask the owner. She stared at me blankly but I think she got the message!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Oh, man. That’s another good point, about asking the parents. I do that too unless they aren’t there. So glad your Husky was such a good girl. 🙂

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