Kurgo Wander Dog Bed Review

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Loving It!


Mom just picked me up the Kurgo Wander BedI can already tell you we both are going to love this traveling dog bed!  If you haven’t figured out already, Mom & I go on lots and lots of dog adventures. We go on dog-friendly travel excursions & of course do a lot of dog-friendly events.  So Mom thought it would be a good idea to have a bed for me that was easy to pack & small enough for travel.

Meet my new Kurgo Wander Bed, traveling dog bed.  This portable dog bed or more like a dog mat is the perfect addition to our dog travels.  This traveling dog bed rolls up just like a sleeping bag and even has a handle for easy grabbing.  The top is made from recycled Polygo fleece which is pretty tick & comfortable.

The bottom of this dog bed is waterproof and has a non-slip bottom.  Since it’s waterproof, it will prevent it from absorbing moisture while on a back porch or on the dirt in a camping spot. The bottom really is non-slip!  We tested it out on the kitchen floor & it was very secure.  Mom has seen other beds (in her dog training classes) that looked like they were supposed to be nonskid, but in reality skid around.  Not this dog bed, it’s in place.

Kurgo Wander Bed, traveling dog bed  also has a pretty neat feature, a hidden pocket for dog travel accessories, dog toys, or even to put some type of calming aid inside.  If a dog has separation anxiety, you can place your worn t-shirt inside so your pup can smell your pheromones!

But this dog travel bed is more than something for vacations.  Mom put mine in the living room next to the sofa where I eat my stuffed chew toys.  I’ve been gravitating to that spot more even when I’m not chewing.  I think the bed is pretty comfy & am glad Mom bought it for me.  Another paws up item!

The Kurgo Wander Bed  is machine washable for easy care & medium measures 25 x 36 x 1.5 inches (W x L x H) when open, 13 x 8 x 8 inches when rolled

Pros:  Use of recycled materials, sturdy, washable, reasonably priced, solid construction

Cons:  Made in China, could be a little thicker to buffer the feel of the straps below