Mugzy’s Mutt Towel Review

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Dog Grooming Reviews: The Best Dog Towels

Dog Towel Review: Mugzy’s Mutt Towel Review

Mugzy's Mutt Dog Towel Review
Mugzy’s Mutt Dog Towel Review
Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter
Yesterday I did a review on Dr. Harvey’s Organic Herbal Shampoo. Today I’m going to talk about the towel Mom used to dry me. Mom used YogaRat’s Mugzy’s Mutt Towel. YogaRat was kind enough to send Mom a sample to review and one for a giveaway!

The YogaRat’s Mugzy’s Mutt Towel Mom used is a pretty olive color. Olive-Sky to be exact. The Mugzy’s
Mutt Towel is generous in size at 28″ x 50″, but amazingly compact when rolled or folded, taking up less space when traveling, something Mom says is important. The dog towel is light and soft to the touch. They are made of 100% microfiber, so extremely absorbent and ultra-fast drying. The Mugzy’s Mutt Towel is also microbe-resistant. The towel felt like a great quality towel.

YogaRat Pet Towels
YogaRat Pet Towels
My YogaRat’s Mugzy’s Mutt Towel quickly pulled all the extra water off my body from my dog bath. It did a very nice job at wicking away the excess water. It was nice and absorbent and did not feel soaked like regular bath towels do after my bath. No dripping either!

After my bath, Mom washed YogaRat’s Mugzy’s Mutt Towel in cold water and line dried. It came out perfect, and she did not notice any bleeding, fading or fraying. Mom then proceeded to use MY Mugzy’s Mutt Towel after her shower. Why does she keep doing this? She said it worked well, but this size might be a little tiny for her. Gee, Mom, you’re not a dog! Why don’t you try YogaRat’s Yoga Towel XL

The YogaRat’s Mugzy’s Mutt Towel worked great! A winner. Thank you again YogaRat for your allowing me to test it out.

Pros: Absorbent, lightweight, no fur on towel, nice size, good quality, lots of fun colors to choose from, and economically priced
Cons: Made in China

Need help bathing your dog?  Check out our post on-How to give a dog a bath. A big thank you to Sheri at Sheri May Meyers Pet Styling Salon in Holland, Ohio for the use of your grooming tub.

How often do you bathe your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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