Dog-Friendly Day Trips and Road Trips in Ohio: Netty’s Ice Cream-Holland, Ohio

Dog-Friendly Day Trips and Road Trips in Ohio

Dog-Friendly Ice Cream Shops in Ohio: Netty’s Ice Cream-Holland, Ohio

Just waiting….

I think you may have heard the story about my missing my opportunity for ice cream last week? If not, let me recap. Mom, Grandma, Eddie, and I went out for ice cream, and I got ripped off! Mom didn’t let me have ice cream; she brought me one of my chews. My chew I get every night for dinner. Nothing special about that! I was so sad, so Mom gave me a bit of her cone….but she owed me big time!

Tonight, we all hopped into the car to check out Netty’s Famous Chili Dogs (Ice Cream for us) over at 904 Clark Street, Holland Ohio. Right away I was pretty happy, because we didn’t have to wait in a long line. That is always a plus when I’m waiting for my cold, sweet snack.

Mom and I walked around the finely-kept lawn, while Grandma and Eddie ordered our tasty treats. There were only 3 picnic tables; luckily we were the third family, so we made it. Whew. I certainly didn’t want to miss out on doggie ice cream again!

Ice cream shops for dogs
Dog-Friendly Holland Ohio

I got a vanilla dog ice cream in a cup. Oh, and it was a big cup of soft ice cream! Yummo indeed. But Mom stopped feeding it to me, walked away and came back and I think the cup wasn’t as full. Hmmmm – that might be something to keep my eye on next time. I think the vanilla soft serve ice cream was just delicious! Spectacular! Something to write a blog entry about for sure. Mom enjoyed her chocolate soft serve ice cream with caramel syrup, too. But Grandma and Eddie weren’t too impressed with their ice cream. I guess they said it tasted too malty, and the cone was stale. I don’t know; mine was smooth and refreshing.

Dog friendly Ohio day trips
Doggie Ice Cream

After I ate all my dog ice cream, three kids came over to say hi to me. I am a real hit when I go out! I gave them my cards, so hopefully they are reading this now! Hi, new friends!!! Well, off to bed I go. Tomorrow is another adventure….this time to Bass Pro!

More Please!

Do you get ice cream out with your dog? Tell me in the comments.

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