Dog Stairs and Dog Ramps Reviews: Puppy Stairs 2-Piece Ramp W/Cube Review

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Dog Stairs and Dog Ramps Reviews

Puppy Stairs 2-Piece Pet Dog Ramp

Best dog stairs and ramps for a bed
Dog stairs and ramps

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

As you can imagine, Mom is always trying to make sure I stay safe and healthy. I can be a bit catawampus at times, and fly off of furniture and the bed. So our friends at Puppy Stairs wanted to make sure I was safe and sent me my very own 2-piece ramp with cube set of Puppy Stairs!

This set of Puppy Stairs is pretty impressive. The industrial-grade high-density foam is really strong! Mom was worried that it would be too squishy and not very supportive, but she was wrong. It’s tough and does not give much under me. It actually can support pets up to 60 pounds! The fabric is very nice oyster suede, and it seems pretty durable (we’ve had our set for almost 3 weeks).

Mom previously made me a makeshift set of steps to get up and down from her big bed, and they are still there, but I choose the Puppy Stairs each time….even when she switched their location around. I would much rather go up the nice incline instead of jumping up a step. I’m pretty good at taking my time up and down the Puppy Stairs, but when I do go fast, it’s okay; they stand up well and I don’t fall off. But, it is very important to teach dogs how to use stairs and not to go flying down them because going too fast can cause serious injuries like back injuries, ACL tears, and shoulder injuries from landing hard.

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Pet stairs are not just for older or injured dogs. If your dog is jumping up and down from furniture or the car, you should really think about investing in a set of stairs or a ramp. Injury can happen anytime in a dog’s life. Prevention is the key to a healthy and pain-free life. And yes, my brother Nutter The Cat even chooses to use them to get in the big bed!

Not only can I use my Puppy Stairs for the big bed, but I can also use the dog ramp portion for our sofa. It’s the perfect size and proportion for me to get up and down from the sofa. I really enjoy the steady incline of the dog ramp. But it doesn’t stop there! Mom even took the dog ramp part in the car. It worked great! Mom’s car is so high off the ground and has such a strange angle she has to pick me up to get in the car and put me down so I don’t injure myself.

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Great For Mobility

But not with my Puppy Stairs Dog Ramp! It was perfect for this job. But wait, there’s more! Mom has always worked on confidence building with me and recommends it to all her dog training clients. She knew right away that the Puppy Stairs could be used for a lot of these exercises. These exercises can help with your dog’s confidence, and also help teach body awareness and build core strength. According to our friend Dr. Mary Cardeccia at Animal Rehabilitation Facility, not only is this important in the short term health of your dog, but it also can be instrumental in the future if your dog has to undergo any rehab work.

Puppy Stairs 2 Piece Ramp W/Cube Stats: 14″ Wide x 60″ Long x 21″ High (Weight: 12 lbs.). All covers are removable and machine washable. Supportive, durable foam ramps and stairs reduce jumping, prevent injuries, and promote healing. The foam is industrial grade high-density, which firmly supports pets up to 60 pounds. All fabrics are fashioned with a sophisticated zipper for easy on/off. Recommended by veterinarians for at-risk pets and for owners with mobility limitations. Size, color, and fabric options for every pet and décor.

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Quality Pet Ramps
Strong and Supportive

Puppy Stairs 2 Piece Ramp W/Cube is a total WIN in my book and Mom’s book!
Thank you so much to Puppy Stairs for introducing me to your marvelous pet stairs and ramps.

Do you have a pet ramp or steps for your dog or cat?

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted.

Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

Dog Stairs and Dog Ramps Reviews: Puppy Stairs 2-Piece Ramp W/Cube Review

38 thoughts on “Dog Stairs and Dog Ramps Reviews: Puppy Stairs 2-Piece Ramp W/Cube Review

  1. That looks like a great ramp, sturdy yet soft and gentle for dogs. I suspect as the Goldens get older, we will need something like this to help them get into our vehicles. They are a little too large to pick up! lol Great review!

  2. No, our bed is pretty low. I might get him one once he’s older and needs it. Right now, he’ll use the ottoman to get up on the bed in the guest room (when we visit family) but he leaps off the bed when getting down.

  3. My husband an I were just discussing the other day how we need to look into getting a ramp or stairs for our senior pup. This looks like a great product.

  4. This looks like a nice cushy ramp! I do have a ramps and steps. For my one Husky, he has steps to get up into bed as it is quite tall…the ramps – one is portable and we used it in case my Epi-dog (epileptic dog) needed to be transported as he was 98lbs of wooly Husky. If he couldn’t walk up it, I had it on hand to use as a stretcher. And, we have a ramp my husband buit onto our deck for when two of our Huskies had CCL surgery and were rehabbing, and for my Epi-dog who had a weak hind end. Ramps and steps are so very helpful with special needs and elderly dogs.

  5. I’m going to save this post for future reference. We don’t quite need a ramp or stairs for Ruby yet. Fortunately, both our couch and bed are pretty low so Ruby doesn’t have a problem just yet.

  6. These are really nice pieces of pet furniture! I love how strong they are. You don’t seem to be sinking into them at all. They don’t look like they would be hard and abrasive on your feet either. A pet’s joints would really appreciate a pet ramp like this!

  7. I always use steps or some kind of object to help tiny Matilda jump onto my bed. I love that these can be used with the cube to make an even easier platform for the dog to step up on.

  8. Such a lovely dog! No steps or ramp here (yet). The corgis pretty much wait to be hoisted anywhere taller than their nose level. One day, though, when I can’t pick them up anymore, I might have to break down and get something.

  9. Thanks for this post. Having senior dogs we struggle with this all the time. I’ve bought more ramps that are gathering dust because they just aren’t sturdy enough or the slope was too steep for the dogs to be comfortable. We built one off our deck for Sally and all the other dogs have used it since.
    Jack & Maggie don’t need it for the car…yet, but they will. I’m considering a different car other than an SVU which are hard to get in and out of. This is helpful.

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