Quick & Easy Quesadilla!

Quick & Easy Quesadilla!

Quick & Easy Quesadilla!  Since I’ve been trying to eat healthier (mainly organic if

possible) I am needing to come up with some meals, particularly for lunch.  Well, at Kroger I saw a quesadilla maker for under $18.  So I picked it up without hesitating.

Saturday I decided to give it a whirl.  On Friday nights we have Taco Friday.  I had a little Organic beef left over, so thought that would be a great way to test the quesadilla maker!



  •  Leftover Organic beef seasoned with Organic taco seasoning
  • 2 Organic Tortilla Shells
  • Organic Mild Salsa
  • Natural Muenster Cheese

FIRST I warmed up the quesadilla maker.  It only took a few minutes.  Then I placed one tortilla shell, Organic beef, Organic salsa, Natural muenster cheese & placed the 2nd Organic tortilla shell on top.  Closed the lid, left for about 5 minutes (I pressed down a little bit).


The quesadilla slid right off, no problem.  I did need to cut the slices because the maker did not cut through.  Viola!  It was great & tasted much better than my Taco Bell chicken quesadilla I would pick up for lunch.  Much, much better!


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