Raising Your Pets Naturally: Welcome

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Raising Your Pets, Dogs and Cats Naturally

Raising pets holistically and naturally

When people ask me what I do for a living, sometimes it’s hard to put into words. What are you, Tonya? A dog trainer? Cat behavior counselor? Pet blogger? Pet freelance writer? Pet book author? Public speaker? But when I really think about it, I’m two things. A PET MOM first, and an educator second.

Over my almost 20-year career with animals, my main objectives have always been the same. Help as many pet parents with their animals as I can. Keep pets in their current homes. Help them lead fun and healthy lives, together. I started my career in an animal shelter, moved to training service dogs, then into training pet parents how to train their pets. Yes, training the parents, not the animals. 😉

I am able to achieve this by doing all of the things in the first paragraph. So, I am a pet trainer, behavior counselor, pet blogger, freelance writer, author, public speaker, and of, course, a PET MOM. That’s why Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm was born. I’ve taken all of my various websites and blogs (Global Dog Training /Toledo Dog Training, Adventures of Dexter, Vacations With Your Dog, and A Day In The Life of Tonya) and merged them into one brand, one site.

Raising Your Pets Naturally with Tonya Wilhelm will encompass all of my passions: dog behavior, dog training, dog and cat nutrition, pet care, cat behavior, pet and human health, pet contests, and lots fun games and activities you can do with your pets.

I thank you for following me on my journey and hope you enjoy the new website. Take a look around, and use the search feature find a topic. I encourage you to participate in the comments below the pet blog posts, contests, and my social media pages. And don’t forget, for more fun and tips and even discounts, sign up for my newsletter.

Tonya, Dexter, Nutter, and Delilah

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5 thoughts on “Raising Your Pets Naturally: Welcome

  1. Hi there was poking through instagram & found your site. I have a Cavalier 3yrs. old the love of my life…besides my 15yr. old son and my Hubby. Who am I kiding she is the only one who greets me at the door when I come home from a long day at work!!! 🙂 She definetly has SM (none diagnosed/ALL the signs) have been doing reg. meds but went hollistic also & accupuncture. Just reg. meds now and accupuncture. Neorolgist next…any insight on thos condition I need to gind a support group/person She is my baby!!!!

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