Redbarn Pet Products Pig Snout Review

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Healthy and Natural Dog Chew, Bones and Treat Review

Redbarn Pet Products Pig Snout Review

Healthy Dog Chews
Redbarn Pig Snout Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review. However, I will always offer my readers an unbiased and honest account of my experiences. Your trust is very appreciated, and never taken for granted. ~Tonya, Dexter and Nutter

Hi, friends. I know some of you may be feeling a bit squeamish with the title of this review. We dogs tend to like some strange things! Redbarn Pet Products was kind enough to send me a few healthy dog chews to try. Today I’m going to talk about Redbarn Pig Snouts Pet Treats. But never fear; I might just ease your mind with my review.

Healthy Dog Chews Reviews
Looks Funny, But Tasty

When my package from Redbarn Pet Products arrived, I was once again delighted! I could tell I had another fun and edible dog review coming up for my fans and friends. I get so excited when the delivery man honks his horn and pulls up in our driveway. Yup, I like the delivery man! The question always is, when is Mom going to let me try my new chews?

Well, today is the day I get to try my Pig Snout Dog Treat from Redbarn.  Mom showed me the healthy chew and let me smell it. Finally, she said “ok” and I dove in! I didn’t take my time to get my teeth around this nice, soft dog chew. Oh, I could tell by the first bite this was a good one. The texture was perfect for chewing. Not too hard, nice chewing, and soft for my canine teeth. It was almost puffy-like. A real treat to chew.

My teeth sank into the Pig Snout Dog Chew very nicely. I was able to slowly tear off bits to chew and eat. Mom made sure she told me to chew it up so I wouldn’t get any big pieces down my throat. I was a good boy and

Safe and Natural Dog Chews
Tasty Dog Chew

chewed each piece up before swallowing. But Mom was right there supervising and watching very closely. She always worries about choking hazards. I chewed and gnawed on my new dog chew treat. It was very tasty and fun to eat. I forgot to watch the clock, but would guess it lasted about 20 minutes before I chewed up the last bit of it. It wasn’t messy and didn’t leave any bits or color on the floor. I looked at Mom and gave her one of my happy looks to tell her how thankful I was for the chew.


Redbarn Pig Snouts Pet Treats are not only tasty, but they are actually a healthy chew for dogs. They are made from 100% USA Roasted Pork Snout. No artificial preservatives. Soft and chewy to help prevent any chipped canines and are great for older dogs with sensitive teeth. They are high in protein, too. Pig snouts are a healthy alternative to rawhide (yucky rawhides) because they are 100% digestible.

Don’t forget to always supervise your dog’s chewing and read Mom’s article on what to look for in safe dog chew bones and treats.

Pros: 100% USA Pork, long lasting for an edible dog chew, did not leave a mess, healthy dog chew, very enjoyable
Cons: You might need to get over the look of the snout.

Redbarn Pig Snouts Pet Treats……oh yeah! A nice tasty treat and very delicious!
Thank you again, Redbarn Pet Products, for allowing me to taste your delightful healthy dog chews.

Has your dog ever eaten a pig snout?  Did he like it? Tell me in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Redbarn Pet Products Pig Snout Review

  1. Hello,
    We went to a fair in a nearby town and while walking around we happened upon a booth that was selling dog snacks.
    We purchased a pig snout for our 15 lb Terrier, she loved it, I am wondering if they also help clean the dogs teeth?
    My main goal is to give Sophie safe chews that will clean her pearly whites without compromising her safety as well. Thank You,
    Any advice will greatly be appreciated. Patricia

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