Rita Ball Dog Treat Review

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Rita Ball Dog Toy Review

Fun dog toys
Rita Dog Toy

I love eating! Just in case you didn’t know that yet. But Mom seems to think when I eat, I need to keep occupied and make it last longer. I disagree, but if it means more food opportunities, I’m in. Mom tends to put some of my home-cooked dog food into dog treat balls and interactive dog toys.

Now that you know about Mom’s plan, let me introduce you to the Rita Ball by Otis and Claude. This is a pretty neat interactive dog food toy. The shape is a familiar ball shape, but the center core is large for packing healthy dog food, or healthy dog treats (wet food, canned dog food works best). It floats, too! Otis and Claude’s website states the ball is made from non-toxic materials.

This size of the Rita Fetching Ball is a great fetching size for a larger dog. It’s a bit too large for me to fetch. But that was not the purpose for me. I prefer eating, anyway. The center treat spot, on the other hand, is a perfect size for stuffing! It’s nice and deep and pretty wide for optimal filling.

Fun dog toys
Great Hollow Dog Toy

Every morning, Mom puts some of my home-cooked dog food into my Rita Ball and then freezes it. In the evening when the family is eating their dinner, out comes my frozen Rita! Yum yum. It lasts a good long time while I work away at it.  Mom also sometimes puts ice cream in my Rita Dog Treat Ball! When we go to the ice cream shop, Mom puts the ice cream in the Rita Ball. She even takes the leftover ice cream from the cup and puts it in the Rita and re-freezes it, so I can have more the next day. Although, sometimes she’s tricky and makes me a doggie smoothie instead, just for fun.

Pros: Great center core for freezing dog treats, non-toxic materials, floats, durable and affordable
Cons: Too large to be a fetch toy for smaller dogs

Paws up for the Rita Ball by Otis and Claude! I’ve had this dog toy since 2009, and it’s still going strong.

Does  your dog enjoy a healthy frozen treat?  Tell me in the comments.

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