Parks, Dog Play, Horses Oh My 2010

Spring is in the air & the adventures really start rolling now!  In April I went to another frisbee event.  This one was really cool.  I got to see Tony Hoard & his dog do some really amazing catches & tricks!  I was so impressed.  I keep dreaming about the day when my mom will actually through the frisbee so I can catch it!  She needs a little help with her tossing….

The following weekend I had a banner weekend.  First I was invited to a Yappy Hour & met some new friends.  Rufus is another new friend who looks just like me & is one day younger than me!  We were instant buds.  I really enjoy making new friends & staying in touch with the ones I played with before.

I went to this neat park called Maumee Bay State Park.  It was a pretty cool spot, but a bit cold & windy.  Of course, us Four Musketeers had a great time anyway!

I met an another new friend, named Daisy.  She is a real cutie!  Look how cute she is…….I’m not so bad either.

I went on another walk, this time, put on my Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.  My mom loved a golden named Theo who is near & dear to her heart.  That day I had lots of fun, but it was doing something my mom called a “thunderstorm.”  She was pretty stressed about the storm.  I thought it was pretty cool because every time I heard a BANG! she gave me a piece of chicken!  That was really neat.


The following weekend (I told you spring was adventurous in spring) we went out to a cool place called Serenity Farm.  I made some new human friends, but my favorite was Sky.  We were smitten with each other.


Oh, Sky, how I miss your bright blue eyes. 
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