Cat Teeth Cleaning-Brushing your cat’s teeth daily with a cat toothbrush, finger pet toothbrush, or just your finger along with a natural cat toothpaste is recommended. If you would like, you can also rotate between brushing and using an oral pet cleansing spray that does not have any unhealthy ingredients.

Cat Teeth Cleaning, Cat Dental Care and How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

As early as possible, you should start to get your kitten or cat comfortable with being handled, restrained, and groomed. You will frequently be brushing your cat's fur, brushing his teeth, reaching for him quickly, trimming his nails, and hopefully petting and loving him. These frequent actions can be quite challenging if you do not teach your cat now how to enjoy being handled, and to be calm and relaxed during handling and grooming.

Teaching Your Kitten or Adult Cat How to be Groomed, Handled, or Petted